Byd sold 93,000 DM new energy units in January, up 761% over EV

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Caijing Auto news, February 7, A shares OF BYD opened 10 minutes up more than 9%, the highest on the day of 249.28 yuan/share, close to the daily limit, while Hong Kong shares of BYD also ushered in growth.By the end of the day, BYD shares rose 7.76% to 244.40 yuan per share, with A market value of 711.5 billion yuan.According to the production and sales express of January 2022 released by BYD Company Limited, BYD produced 94,101 cars in January 2022, with a year-on-year growth of 97.62%.It sold 95,422 units, up 125.05% year on year.Among them, BYD new energy models ushered in explosive growth, the output of 91,736 units, a year-on-year growth of 309.66%;The sales volume was 93,168 units, accounting for 97.6% of the total sales volume, up 361.73% year on year.According to, BYD has been deeply engaged in new energy technology for many years, and almost all key components such as batteries, motors and electronic controls have been developed by itself. Byd also has more ability to withstand external risks.In 2021, the overall auto industry core shortage, production reduction and other problems, did not affect BYD too much.Byd has set a sales target of 1.1 million to 1.2 million new energy vehicles for 2022, Forbes China reported on Feb 7.Based on that target, BYD’s new energy vehicle sales in January met its 2022 sales target of about 8%, a gap.However, the continued heating up of the new energy vehicle market will continue to bring room for growth for the overall auto market in 2022.According to China Business News, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has become a market trend, the ride Association secretary General Cui Dongshu said that in 2022, the average market penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China is expected to reach 20%, there are radical views that the penetration rate will reach 30%.Auto industry analyst Zhang Xiang believes that byd is a leading enterprise and the largest new energy vehicle enterprise in China, with a high reputation.Second, BYD’s models cover a wide range of products from tens of thousands of yuan to more than three hundred thousand yuan have been fully covered.Third, the concentration of the automobile industry is relatively high.At present, There are many Chinese automobile enterprises, probably dozens of, and foreign car enterprises like the United States, Japan are also three small, these small enterprises are also facing a great possibility of elimination, BYD space is still very large.Meanwhile, byd’s market value will also increase in the future.In BYD’s new energy vehicle camp, the growth rate of hybrid models is about 3.5 times that of ultra-pure electric models.Byd EV models (pure electric) sold 46,386 units in January, up 220.72% year on year;Byd’s DM model (plug-in hybrid) sold 46,540 units in January, up 760.58% year on year.In February last year, Shanghai issued the “Implementation Measures of Shanghai to Encourage the Purchase and Use of New energy Vehicles”, which stated that starting from January 1, 2023, the city will no longer issue special license plates to individual or unit users who buy plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (including extended range).Previously, BYD DM-I models in Beijing need to be purchased with a “blue” plate, and in other key cities, it is said that the dM-I models with a “green” plate may also be gradually reduced.With the promotion of the dual carbon goal, the current charging facilities are not enough to meet the convenience demands of users of pure electric models, and there are many problems such as difficulty in charging, so the hybrid will embrace rapid development.On January 28, 2022, according to the Wall Street News, there is a great market space for hybrid to replace traditional fuel vehicles. In 2022, hybrid products are expected to exceed 130 models, and the diversity increases the choice of consumer groups.In terms of sales volume, the total sales volume of hybrid (HEV+PEHV) will exceed 1.6 million in 2022, and the growth rate is expected to be ultra-pure electric.According to the content of the latest subsidy scheme for new energy, starting from January 1, 2022, the subsidy for pure electric models with a range of 300 km (including) to 400 km will be 10,100 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 3,900 yuan;The subsidy for pure electric models with a range greater than or equal to 400 km is 12,600 yuan, 5,400 yuan less than last year;In addition, subsidies for plug-in hybrid models will be 40,800 yuan, 2,000 yuan less than before.Zhang Xiang, an auto industry analyst, said it is normal for hybrid models to see a bigger increase in sales than pure electric models.In the past, the rapid growth of pure electric sales was due to the high level of subsidies and high market enthusiasm.But now the subsidy has begun to decline, and the maximum subsidy for pure electric models is only 12,000 yuan. The price difference between pure electric models and hybrid models is not big, so many people will choose hybrid models first, because there is no range anxiety problem.The market share of foreign hybrid models is also higher than that of pure electric models.For example, Toyota and Honda of Japan have many hybrid models. Their cost is similar to that of fuel cars, but their fuel consumption can be reduced. If the air conditioner needs to be turned on in summer, the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers will be 4L.In the next three to five years, the segment of hybrid models will grow rapidly.At present, the commercialization of pure electric vehicles is not mature, and the price gap between fuel cars is large, the growth rate of pure electric vehicles may slow down in the next few years.Earlier, it was reported that the official guide prices of a number of new energy models related to BYD dynasty network and Ocean network have been adjusted, including EV models and DM models.The increase will range from 1,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan, and the adjustment will take effect on Feb 1.According to BYD, the price is mainly affected by the sharp rise in raw material prices and the withdrawal of subsidies for new energy car purchases.It wasn’t immediately clear whether byd’s price increase was a temporary change, and February sales could also be affected by the increase.If there is no price correction until 2022, at least some price competitiveness will be lost, which will make it more difficult for BYD to meet its annual sales target.