Dalian Melinda Maternity Hospital: Melinda golden Tiger baby was born, wish you a happy life always with!

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“Wow, finally meet our cute ‘golden tiger baby’!”This is the best gift our family has received this year,” Bao’s mother told Bao’s father happily.”Thanks to the company of all the medical staff in Melinda, this Spring Festival is full of meaning,” bao said.While feeling joy, safety is also a major concern for many pregnant families.How to ensure adequate medical staff during the Spring Festival?In order to meet the needs of the delivery room, the hospital arranges personnel according to the task volume and formulates mobile shifts.In other words, even if a regular midwife works on the same day, one midwife will be assigned to an attending midwife.If the delivery is too heavy and understaffed, the midwife on call needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible.Before delivery, the midwife will know the maternal history in advance.During childbirth, the midwife will provide one-to-one care and closely observe the progress of labor. In case of urgent labor, the midwife will timely report to the doctor and assist in the first aid.In addition, various measures are taken to ensure medical safety, and residents are kept abreast of maternal medical information on a daily basis.At 37 to 38 weeks of gestation, individualized evaluation was carried out for pregnant women who were about to be hospitalized. Multi-disciplinary joint consultation was conducted for pregnant women with abnormal conditions, and planned and reasonable arrangements were made for pregnant women to be hospitalized for labor and cesarean section operation.At the same time, priority should be given to pregnant women in urgent, critical and severe condition.Obstetricians, anesthesiologists and neonatologists are on standby 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of mothers and babies.The arrival of the new has brought infinite beauty for the adherence to the front-line clinical medical workers to welcome the new is also a different kind of happiness on the occasion of the approaching of the Melinda hospital to the people of the city to extend New Year’s blessing and good wishes!Hats off to the medical workers who are still on the job!May everything be as beautiful as you want it to be