Excellence is coming!Look at 2021 Shandong education system news propaganda work which units get excellent?

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Recently, the Education Working Committee of Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China issued a notice to commend the outstanding units in the news and publicity work of Shandong education system in 2021.The notice points out that, according to the requirements of the Notice on The Establishment of the Notification System of News and Publicity work of The Education Working Commission of Shandong Provincial Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China (Letter of the Education Working Commission of Shandong Province (2021) No. 19),The committee of the “news and publicity work notification index system” in the six categories of indicators (information submission, positive public opinion heat, negative public opinion heat, major publicity achievements, public opinion special training, major negative public opinion should be handled improperly) overall assigned points, the comprehensive score and ranking of each unit, and notified.In accordance with the requirements of determining the top 20% units as excellent grade in the document, 34 units, such as Jinan Education Bureau, Shandong University of Science and Technology, liaocheng Vocational and Technical College, are determined as the excellent units of shandong education system news and publicity work in 2021, and are commended.Shandong education system in 2021 news propaganda work outstanding unit list of jinan city bureau of education binzhou city bureau of education in weifang city, Qingdao city bureau of education bureau of education of shandong university of science and technology, shandong normal university qilu industrial university Qingdao university of science and technology between the university of binzhou medical school of Qingdao university of science and technology in shandong agricultural university, Qingdao agricultural university, shandong university of finance and qufu normal university, shandong university of traditional Chinese medicine of yantaiLearn the liaocheng professional technology institute of Qingdao university of yantai vocational college of zibo vocational college in weihai vocational college vocational college vocational college in shandong binzhou vocational college of jinan, shandong province, shandong vocational college of science and technology institute of animal husbandry and veterinary vocational weifang vocational college Qingdao hotel management professional technology institute of Qingdao vocational and technical college, shandong province, shandong light industry vocational college of water conservancy vocational college shandong commercial vocational and technical collegeAccording to vocational and technical college