Good news!Chen Future village was included in the first batch of provincial construction pilot

2022-05-02 0 By

Recently, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the provincial Finance Department, the provincial urban and rural landscape renovation and improvement work special class office jointly issued a document to determine the province’s first batch of future rural construction pilot villages, Dachen future village is among them.According to the spirit of relevant provincial documents, the future rural construction will realize the prosperity of leading industries, beautiful and livable main features, and prosperous theme culture.Since its establishment, Dachen Future Village has made great efforts to build China’s first future village with the theme of village song culture, explored the experience of dachen future village construction, and the construction results have been highly recognized by the main leaders of the provincial Party Committee.”On the one hand, with the goal of promoting the integration of production and culture and enriching the people through tourism, we have expanded industrial chains such as village song culture, red research and pastoral leisure. We have staged more than 60 immersive village operas, carried out 38 live broadcasts with goods, and sold nearly 300,000 yuan of agricultural special products.On the other hand, we will build public kindergartens, build smart classrooms covering all primary schools, equip activity centers and canteens for the elderly, and build smart health terminals to monitor their physical health.”The person in charge of the dachen Future rural special class introduced that the township will vigorously optimize intelligent governance, improve the cross-scene application of digital empowerment, create multiple digital scenes such as smart medical system, smart walking path, unmanned hotel, 5G super-fusion platform and smart hotel, so as to make the villagers’ activity space more convenient, more effective and more intelligent.