Know whether: The orchid orchid such as orchid is private meeting outside male just get married, how the outside world but nobody say sheng home gossip?

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Moran and two sisters like orchid in the home when the girl is the state of hostility, but every quarrel shing lee eccentric moran and blame like orchid, often like orchid to say that his most let her learn from Chinese cymbidium, result a language into astonishment, such as orchid with ink orchidology really private meeting outside male scandal, chi shing lee was wants to let the family go to dead,Fortunately, sheng home the most worry free girl Minglan instead of such as LAN married Gu Tingye, sheng old lady and smooth the marriage of The Orchid, Sheng Hong just have face to continue to live in the world.However, although the marriage between Mo LAN and Ru LAN was settled safely, the fact that the two sisters were married because of an outsider could never be changed. Why did no one in the outside world ever talk about the Sheng family?Such as orchid and Wen Yanjing pour also good, two people didn’t do anything out of line, also did not leave him too much, just be Gu Tingye design bump into, then long take sister home, parker Gu Tingye for marry, then put forward the available lily of valley conveniently betrothed like orchid to Wen Yanjing sheng home then, Wen Yanjing got so big a cheap, natural won’t go out blather,This is also damaging to his image as a scholar, so if the private men outside the orchid affair was kept from the truth.The matter of Mo LAN and Liang Han make big, not to mention Lin Xiaoniang spread her and Liang Han’s gossip to the uproar, that is, she did not have a miscarriage long after marriage, it is also worth being criticized, Mo LAN also shy to go back to her mother’s family show off, face is really thick enough.But since Mo LAN can swagger back to her mother’s home to visit the restaurant also eat dinner, it shows that the outside world to her and Liang Han married things to discuss degree is not big, otherwise with Mo LAN’s heart, would have been ashamed to go out to see people.And the reason why Mo LAN can live so unscrupulous, because the queen’s foresight and Sheng Hong’s cruel, The queen is worried about the mo LAN things will affect her daughter’s reputation, to the jade qing view to catch people are all with the Sheng family signed a deed of death, those who want to live did not dare to reveal the sheng family any information.Lin Xiaoniang and Black orchid’s villain were killed and sold, Zhou Snow niang was controlled in the sheng, Autumn river lotus was caught in the side of the black orchid, revealed half the end of the word are dead.To the woods before the small niang to spread gossip, also in the ink Liang Han wedding to an abrupt end, and she was at GuoSang period, family and marriage Liang Han low-key excusable, big lady and have invited wu sheng three girls to go to dinner, as long as the outside world do not know Chinese cymbidium and Liang Han is get in the car after the first ticket, according to the big niang son wu phase moran do daughter-in-law is into the past,Mo LAN’s abortion month is also relatively early, the Liang family did not know she was unmarried pregnant married past, the outside world is more unlikely to find out.Plus sheng home wind review has been very good, there is no empirical things generally will be regarded as rumors, as long as the informed person does not say, no one can know such as orchid and Ink orchid is how to set pro, sheng old lady + long cypress + Hualan living signs, enough to let everyone believe that sheng home family style is still rigorous.