Liaoning elements dominate the Winter Olympics

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The 2022 Winter Olympic Games have kicked off in Beijing. A large number of “winter Olympic artifacts” made in Liaoning province have been unveiled.The power mechanism of the “Big Snowflake”, the main torch of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, was created by the entrepreneurial team of Wen Qinglin, an alumnus of Dalian University of Technology.The team has also undertaken the design, supply and technical support of ground stage system, air facilities and equipment, ice screen performance equipment and other projects. It is the enterprise undertaking the largest number of stage machinery projects for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games.Dalian alumni to create romantic winter Olympics opening ceremony performance, in the process of Chinese screen, waterfalls, ice cube and the bird’s nest the screen should be used in the LED screen as the display terminal, cooperate with broadcast control system, through the screen shows the elegantly beautiful picture, which play a key role of Hirender broadcast control system, by dalian university of technology students li Lin.There are a total of 10 ice surfaces for competition in The Beijing Winter Olympics, of which dalian Iceberg Group Panasonic Cold Machine undertook to build two ice surfaces for competition and two supporting ice surfaces for training, the total number of construction.The ice making system of this Winter Olympics has also realized the interconnection of things, and the data of hot and cold operation of the competition site can be observed remotely from Dalian for big data analysis and comparison.In preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, dalian Ruidong Technology Co., LTD developed the “ARTIFICIAL intelligence unmarked point motion capture system” technology, which will be used in speed skating, cross-country skiing, steel bobsled and other events.Shenyang niu Translation is one of the research and development units of the multi-lingual intelligent voice and language service platform for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which has been put into use.In the research and development project of this system, “Niu Translate” undertakes the key technology research of multilingual machine translation with the characteristics of the Winter Olympics, which is a very key part of the platform.Rocket shell technology for ski helmets!The research team of Dalian University of Technology independently developed a high-performance ski helmet made of rocket shell technology, which greatly improves the anti-impact deformation ability of the helmet to form a better protection for athletes.”Steel” from Anshan Iron and Steel co., Ltd. contributed to the national Snow sled Center “Giant Dragon Track”. Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. built the national snow sled center “Giant Dragon Track” with over 1000 tons of high-grade construction steel.More than 6000 tons of construction weathering steel of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is directly supplied to the competition venues of National Alpine Skiing Center, which is the first large-scale use of weathering steel in domestic construction.Ansteel has nearly 60,000 tons of bridge steel connecting Beijing city and winter Olympic village, and also built the landmark Olympic “Fifth Ring Bridge”.The Novel Coronavirus purifier for killing International athletes, technical officials and media, which is based on the research results of Dalian University of Technology, has been officially deployed in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The core filter material used in the purifier was developed by professor Yang Dezheng’s team from school of Physics, Dalian University of Technology, which can efficiently adsorb and kill coronavirus and H1N1 virus.The first underwater Olympic torch relay with a robot was a highlight of the Games.The robot, led by the Shenyang Institute of Automation under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, creatively carried the “magic carpet of drought and snow” underwater during the Beijing Winter Olympic Torch relay. The device, dubbed “magic carpet of drought and snow” by winter Olympic athletes, was developed by a research team of the Department of Mechanics at Northeastern University.The world’s first “magic carpet” has a sliding sensation and landing stress that is more than 90 percent similar to real snow.”Robot +VR” robot accurately captures the environment data of the ski resort, and virtual reality VR system simulates the environment in real time.The system was developed by a team led by Wang Hong, a professor at Northeastern University’s School of Mechanical Engineering.The robots at the Venue in Zhangjiakou will transmit real-time data on the track environment via a 5G network.In the lab, you can glide through the VR experience system, as if you were participating in the Winter Olympics.”Super brain” and “high-speed motion optical video acquisition and analysis system” are one of the “science and Technology Winter Olympics” research and development projects.Developed by Professor Yang Lianping’s team at the School of Science, Northeastern University, the system has started to serve the Chinese freestyle skiing aerials team, providing accurate data analysis support for athletes’ training.Chinese delegation etiquette gloves made in Liaoning!During the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese athletes wave to the audience while wearing ceremonial gloves made by Shenyang Boliwei Protective Technology Equipment Co., LTD.Competitive gloves Gu Ailing, Su Yiming, Xu Mengtao, Kong Fanyu…The gloves worn by these athletes for the Beijing Winter Olympics were made by Yingkou Lianzhe Sports Equipment Co., LTD.From heat-generating graphene materials to recycled fabrics and stitches, more than a dozen competitive gloves are full of technology and environmental protection concepts.The China Media Group has launched an original clay animated short film called “Here you Come!”.This short film shows the Winter Olympics in Chinese style through the interpretation of snow and ice sports by the twelve zodiac fuwa.Zhang Yuanxin, a 2018 student from the Department of Art, School of Architecture and Art, Dalian University of Technology, was invited by CCTV to make a doll for the tiger doll in the animation.Liaoning athletes on the field to fight for the motherland another “track” on the “Liaoning wisdom made” for the Beijing Winter Olympics to contribute to the overall strength of Liaoning!