Malicious price increases, dumping violations?National scrutiny

2022-05-02 0 By

Recently, in view of the current social reflect strong discipline class training institutions outside such outstanding problems as malicious or illegal dumping of class, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, the market supervision administration issued by notice, deployment for the subject class outside training fee rectification work, to act immediately, leave no dead Angle, scrutiny,We will resolutely tackle the practice of charging fees for training that is innovative and diverse in forms that infringe on the interests of the people.Source:Notify the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, points out that with the coming of the winter vacation, the discipline class training marketing rapid heating up, some institutions for training class, taken advantage of the price increases, dumping manufacturing anxiety, adding to the family economic burden, to a certain extent hedge “ShuangJian” effect, must adhere to the people as the center, comprehensively strengthen the discipline off-campus training supervision,We continued to consolidate and deepen our achievements in governance.The notice requires a thorough investigation to be carried out quickly.The investigation and rectification of fees for non-disciplinary training will be taken as an important issue to solve the people’s “urgent difficulties and worries”, and effective measures will be taken to promptly solve the problem.The key points of special rectification should be highlighted, including non-disciplinary training fees and standards, the implementation of the fee publicity system, the use of the Off-campus Training Service Contract for Primary and Secondary School Students (Model Text), and supervision of training fees in advance.We need to open up channels for public oversight, promptly verify and handle complaints and reports, and ensure that we have a clear picture of the situation, identify problems, establish solid books, and list rectification tasks in detail.Notice stressed that we must insist on the side of the row rectification, the investigation found a variety of problems, clear rectification of specific matters and schedule, one by one account sales number.Training institutions that do not have the appropriate qualifications must be firmly shut down;For those who do not implement the supervision requirements of pre-charge training, they should strictly control the flow of funds and prevent problems such as “running away with money”;We will resolutely investigate and deal with problems that have particularly strong repercussions on the people and have a bad impact on them, such as price fraud, false publicity, and inducing consumption.We need to hold those responsible accountable, inform the public of the rectification in a timely manner, form a deterrent, and enhance the people’s confidence in and sense of gain from the implementation of the “double reduction” policy.