Prosecutors in Jiangsu filed a lawsuit against Gan Rongkun for allegedly taking bribes

2022-05-02 0 By

Beijing, February 9 (People’s Daily Online) — Gan Rongkun, former member of the Standing Committee of henan Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, has been investigated and prosecuted by changzhou People’s Procuratorate in Jiangsu province after being appointed by the National Supervisory Commission, according to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP).Recently, changzhou People’s Procuratorate has filed a lawsuit with changzhou Intermediate People’s Court.During the examination and prosecution stage, the procuratorial organ informed the defendant gan Rongkun of his litigation rights according to law, interrogated the defendant Gan Rongkun and listened to the opinions of the defender.The prosecution charges:GanRongKun using the defendant acted as financial slurry sampling of the General Administration of Customs, deputy director of the office, financial equipment department secretary, infrastructure, director of the Beijing customs party secretary, long, party members, the vice governor of hubei provincial government, heilongjiang provincial party committee member, politics and law committee secretary, henan provincial party committee member, politics and law committee secretary, such as taking advantage of his office, and the convenient conditions from authority, position,Seek benefits for others, illegally accept other people’s property, the amount is particularly huge, should be investigated for criminal responsibility for taking bribes.Source: People’s Daily Online