She married her at the age of 16, and has since fallen into the abyss of eternal ruin!

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Book fans have kept you waiting.Many of my friends have fallen into the dilemma of book shortage.No books to see, some books can not go down and waste time, this xiaobian is also the same sympathy for everyone, so xiaobian carefully arranged a few novels, absolutely let everyone see enough!I want you to watch it without sleeping!Without further ado, we’re on our way.She married her at the age of 16, and has since fallen into the abyss of eternal ruin!The first: “cold feeling black emperor is not easy to provoke” author: silent Cambridge introduction: a shocking design of the plot, so that she was only 16 years old into the abyss.Three years later, I wanted to regain a new life, but I did not want a sudden car accident to dislocation the original dull life.He, Yin Tianjing, the powerful head of the Black Empire, the formidable king of the night.She married her at the age of 16, and has since fallen into the abyss of eternal ruin!Black Lincoln car, Yin Tianjing will be crying little people into the arms, the black pupil is about to put her hand that inspection report shot through.After thinking for a long time, he decided to tell the truth to the small, not hide, this is a promise between them.”I’m sorry…Biting the white lip flap, Ming Youran will be small head on the shoulder of the man, tears baji Baji down.She already knew the result, but she still couldn’t take it well.”Don’t apologize.Just……”The big hand that pulls Ming youran waist tightens, his face tightens, the light of satan oozes in black eye.He wanted to know why, who in the end was so bold, hurt his most beloved woman.”But what?”Hesitantly bend the corners of the mouth, Ming leisurely looked up at his handsome face, that moment, the heart suddenly have some panic.He’s gonna say something.”Tell me everything; hide nothing.”The good smell of mint hit, Ming Youran shrank his head, turned to look out of the window, as if he did not want to mention that matter.Both physically and mentally, it’s repellent.”Let’s get back to it, shall we?”SOB, bright carefree small hand holds a man small cool big hand, white tender fingertip gently buckles the leather chair below the body, myriad thoughts in the heart.”Good.”Big hand lovingly stroked her slippery small head, Yin Tian Jing raised lip Angle, with love and love dearly, staring at that dare not see their small head.However, no matter how sad your story is, I am willing to accompany you to recall.(click on the below free reading) the second: “I’m not Grosvenor LTD handsome” author: talking about Tom: through parallel world, binding Grosvenor LTD handsome system Whirlwind, make financial empire come to palm all rights, ZuiWo beauty knee Although I have Grosvenor LTD handsome system, but I really do not Grosvenor LTD handsome wonderful extracts from priority: watch hands behind Zhang Ye,Li Xuequ was obviously stunned.He didn’t come this morning because it was the afternoon class, so he didn’t know what the teachers in the office said about Zhang Ye.Although he is stuffy, but funny lectures, he did not dislike Zhang Ye like other teachers, but when zhang Ye raised his hand, he was still a little stunned.”Oh?Zhang Ye classmate you unexpectedly know the answer to this question, then you tell the teacher?”Li Xuegu said.Zhang Ye stood up.”When talking about the Huanghuagang Uprising…”After Zhang Ye finished, Li Xuedu’s eyes obviously flashed a little surprise, and then he couldn’t help clapping his hands.The rest of the class froze.At this time many students have only one idea in mind, that is the teacher, I can not do ah.And they look at zhang Ye’s eyes are changed, what is installed in this Zhang Ye’s brain after all, even the topic of this kind of brain teaser want to come out of the answer ah.However, it seems to be the case that Li Xuedu is so funny that his students love him, and the students love him precisely because of this, when he is in class, he always asks similar, puzzling questions.(Click below to read for free) Third book: “Gao Fu Shuai’s Counterattack” author: Feng Brother Introduction: He was originally a gao Fu Shuai, but his family was miserable, no background, no money…He is a young boy, after the taste of cold and warm, know forbearance, know restraint…With hatred and love in his heart, he forced himself to tread carefully in the bustling metropolis, and he had to strategiise: he sometimes thought he was dreaming.Jiang Xuemen came to the school, Jiang Xuemen waited for him in the dormitory building, Jiang Xuemen let him wanton embrace, Jiang Xuemen took him to a “taste of first love” ice cream parlor, write a chase after me one hundred days Jiang Xuemen is Su Zi Yao’s girlfriend…These very simple, but very romantic things in su Ziyao’s heart beautiful as if it was a dream, afraid to wake up and nothing.How he wanted to have a look at Jiang Xuemen.The drill officer Chen Zhi gave him a chance.It took those laps to get him so close.Close pass, can see jiang Xuemen good-looking eyelash.A circle of passing teams, instructors are still scolding Ai Ziyao.Ai Ziyao is wronged to cry, really cry, two tears hanging on the face of tender, reflecting the light of the sunrise, beautiful.Su Zi Yao was not in the mood to appreciate it. He was preoccupied with jiangxuemun. “Drillmaster,” he said, “I will run for her.Run a lap more, can see a while more Jiangxueming, Su Zi Yao felt that it was a godsend.In the second lap, Hu made a face at him again, but Su ziyao still ignored it.The third circle, Hu Xiaoxian again made a face to him, Su Zi Yao is still staring at Jiang Xuemen.The fourth circle, Hu Xiaoxian looked at him, Su Zi Yao all mind is still in Jiang Xuemen….The sixth circle, the boys of the law department finally found that the student who punished run was coveting the goddess of their class.One and Hu Xiaoxian, eyes show fierce light.(Click below to read for free.) Any of these novels, some of them classics, will keep you hooked for minutes.If you have a better novel recommendation, be sure to share it with xiaobian, or leave a message to me. I’m looking forward to your recommendation.She became the child bride of a rich young man at the age of 3 and slept in his arms until she was 20!”Ao Jiao President please restrain” he is furious and spicy, only to her love to the bone, a moment not to go crazy “Wolf sex husband, don’t come over!”Someone scold me slag, then we slag to see him, enjoy flying self “female match is educated youth” she wore a weak educated youth, married to the mud son, a tire of three treasures was spoiled