Small car paint repair greatly plate spray door to understand

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01, what is the sheet metal spray sheet metal spray painting, is a kind of car repair technology.Plate is to repair the deformed part of automobile metal shell through sheet metal operation, so that it can be restored to its original form;Spray, is through grinding, coating, painting, baking and other operations will be damaged car paint surface, perfect repair, make it bright as new.In popular words, plate spraying is the plastic beauty of the automobile industry.02, Geely Sheet metal injection process a complete set of automobile sheet metal injection process includes sheet metal and painting a total of 9 processes, of which sheet metal has: “disassembly, quick repair, body maintenance, correction” 4, spray paint has: “grinding, middle coating, preparation, paint, complete” 5.Each process corresponds to the professional equipment and tools are countless, with “18 weapons” to describe it.So you will understand: seemingly an insignificant depression deformation, in fact, it is not as simple as imagined…It looks like a small scar. The spray painter needs to adjust the paint according to the original color card, and apply 4 layers of paint and paint to ensure the same color of the car paint, effective anti-corrosion and lasting luster of the body.The repair of the car not only needs to strictly implement the process and steps of sheet injection, but also needs the materials with quality guarantee and the support of professional certified sheet injection technicians to ensure the perfect unity of the safety and beauty of the vehicle.The sheet metal and spray paint technicians of Geely Automobile after-sales service station have been thoroughly tempered and obtained geely Automobile “Plate Spraying Technician Grade Certification”.Every year, Geely Auto after-sales service will also hold service skills competition to constantly hone and improve skills, in order to achieve the quality in everyone’s mind.Let more understand geely car for car plastic beauty, quality is more guaranteed