Spring Festival host modeling hot discussion, Ma Fan Shu crazy circle fan, Jia Ling how you can play the old lady

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The 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger is really lively, with a refreshing feeling of New Year atmosphere. The state of the host is very good, Ren Luyu is mellow, but the whole person feels upright, skin color and eyebrow shape give people a very peaceful feeling, when I see him speak, I feel peaceful and secure.Nigametti’s hair is like an onion, and his face is slightly round and cute.Li Sisi mature atmosphere, eyebrow form feels very sedate, mouth gules and formal attire are built very, whole feels the feeling that has stage pillar.Ma Fan shu fresh but people, the color of skin is bright, light eyebrows very natural, lipstick color is also very young, especially her lying silkworm, slightly luminous luminous very bright.Two people put on white simple elegant dress, more beautiful ah, Ma Fan Shu sleeveless embroidery beautiful and delicate, Li Sisi atmosphere steady, two people are good to look, whether it is hair, skin color, makeup, dress did not have to pick!The first Spring Festival Gala ma Fan shu is pleased to mention the heat search, the public evaluation of her right, really is very bright!Sa Beining returned to the Spring Festival Gala, or a very formal feeling, but the eyebrows short flat thick, a little sense of joy.Sa Beining and Li Sisi chair with the frame, it is really a long-lost picture ah, dream back ten years ago!But Sa Beining is the return did not adapt to it, continuous mouth ladle, but also made fun of their own, this nifty expression must be Sa Beining ah!The opening program was VCR, but there were many stars in the infield. Zhao Liying was in the middle of Han Hong and Zhang Ruoyun, with fresh natural lipstick and bright skin color. Although TFboys did not perform on the same stage, Wang Junkai and Wang Yuan were in the same frame.In the second program, Li Yuchun was covered in pink bling bling. Even the eye shadow was pink, and the lipstick was heavy. The overall state was a little thick, which gave her a sense of singing.Yi Yangqianxi could not and two small on the same stage, this time I felt he was very tired, although the appearance level state has a return, but the bags under the eyes a bit can not hide, the end of the Spring Festival gala have a good rest ah.Deng Chao looks a little dark in red, is her makeup too light, or no makeup, to transition to a tough guy line?Spring evening the most concerned still have to be these two groups of sketches, Shen Teng Ma Li “still not still” it is realistic, shen Teng this old depend on figure simply burst into laughter, a look at this sweater this modelling, really very poor feeling.Ma Li than the year before a lot of fat, Shen Teng is the same, although the two people this time no “image”, but the sketch is really funny ah!Zhang Xiaofei you how the United States knead again!No problem of the a-list female star temperament, red gas is true!Fei’s hair is elegant and her makeup is flattering, especially in this blue and green velvet coat.Every year Spring Festival gala can see the hot coat of small fei search, this aesthetic and national degree are great ah, this year the aesthetic vane of the New Year has to be Zhang Xiafei ah!Don’t forget our best little old lady, Jaryn!This year’s Jia Ling no accident and mellow, this is really the face is neck, neck is also face ah, but the performance is really absolutely, I have never seen so pretty, so rich expression of the old lady ~ the two are really a fat and thin, a while this is a mother, a while that is a mother, really good sisters when the mother ah!In several other song performances, the performance of the stars is also quite satisfactory.Ren Jialun hair amount and hairline let a person admire, handsome than the heart is good warm, black beauty Jike Juan Yi wear bright red overweening feeling is dyed-in, Wang Yuan grew up, but still milk flavor is dyed-in, Song Qian sweet fashion sense overflowing, wear good good ah.Inland Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan four body shape too must, completely different style, Chen Kun cold wind, Wang Jier fashion, Xiao Jingteng restore ancient ways, very powerful atmosphere of a song!Liu Tao, who was called on the stage temporarily, blushed and blushed a little. This set is so beautiful and graceful that it is a pity not to come on stage. The program of this year’s party is really good.Like the Chinese flavor full “only this green”, was swept screen.There should be neat martial arts “Milk Tiger Roar spring”, science and technology full “Star dream”, and so on these programs let the audience see the exquisite costumes and beautiful choreography, really let the audience feel the New Year new atmosphere, this thick reunion atmosphere sense, really is too great!Finished watching this year’s Spring Festival Gala, is not found a lot of surprises, so many good programs, which is your favorite?