The Winter Olympics haven’t even started yet, and they’re already stunned

2022-05-02 0 By

With the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games just around the corner, delegations from various countries and regions have been moving into the Winter Olympic Village.When it comes to the Beijing Winter Olympics, it’s full of science and technology.Stay!!So…What’s different about our Winter Olympics?American athletes, after coming to Beijing, tell the world about cots in the Beijing Winter Olympics Village: “I have something incredible to share, there are no cardboard beds…What a shock!”She also shared what a remote control looks like for a bed, explaining how the mattress can be raised and lowered into multiple positions for maximum comfort.You think that’s all this bed does?Don’t!The bed has a ‘memory function’, with a remote control that allows it to adjust to different situations such as sleeping and sitting, as well as an alarm clock that can tell when a feather has dropped.Beijing Winter Olympic Village residential area.We only see the casserole and other containers, but we don’t see the chef, and then the food appears.This technology is incredible!Automatic production of Malatang, Baozaifan, from the sky food machine……In the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics, there will be “service robots” such as food delivery, guidance and elimination, as well as “robot” restaurants, where robots will cook dishes.File photo: Diners experience smart food delivery service in smart restaurant.China News Service reporter He Penglei photo winter Olympics village game equipment is so great “my god!Wow!”During a visit to the games room in Beijing’s Winter Olympics village, American curler Christopher Laments after seeing an array of games equipment.After the compliment, Christopher invited his companions to join him for the tour.Japan’s Kyodo News agency said Wednesday that the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Tokyo Olympics both adopted bubble quarantine measures, but they were not as strict.Jiji Press said that its reporters felt they were entering the “COVID-19 prevention world” that is stricter than Japan’s when they arrived at Beijing Capital Airport.The health workers wore masks, but they were friendly.China’s efforts to find “invisible threats” from anywhere show the country’s strong will to “make the Olympics a success no matter what”, according to a report on COVID-19 testing at the Beijing airport.Photo taken on Jan. 16, 2022 shows the Square area of Beijing Winter Olympics Village.”Intelligent epidemic prevention personnel” to receive wind, in one second can realize identity identification, intelligent temperature measurement and other 8 inspection links;Technical support of the public area, strict deployment, so that the Winter Olympic village difficult to find “security blind area”;A special menu consisting of 678 dishes includes cuisines from around the world;Empty restaurants, hot ice socks, zero-carbon torches…Beijing Winter Olympics, is really a “treasure” event, in the end how much “black technology”?In the future, the residential areas of Beijing Winter Olympic Village will become apartments for talents. Are you tempted?