A pregnant woman in Guangzhou was advised by a doctor to have a caesarean section, but her husband was reluctant to sign: choose a good day

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When the surgical problem is encountered when female gestation, must the husband sign to agree?A 32-year-old woman surnamed Wei in Guangzhou recently asked the Guangdong Women’s Rights Protection and Information Service Station (Guangzhou Station) for advice on divorce matters.Wei said she was facing pregnancy problems when she was pregnant and the doctor suggested a caesarean section, but her husband was reluctant to sign for the caesarean section because he thought it was a good day to be born.It was not until the doctor called repeatedly to urge her husband to sign the consent form.But let Miss Wei unexpected is, after the birth of her husband has been complaining about the day when the child was born did not choose.As a result, Ms. Wei suffered from postpartum depression.Ms Wei is “very disappointed” and hopes to divorce and defend her legal rights.She introduced that the down payment of the house when they got married was their own money, while her husband said he would not bear the maintenance after divorce.After consulting the advice of the lawyer on duty at the station, Wei is now divorcing her husband.”When it comes to pregnancy surgery, your spouse doesn’t have to sign off on it.”According to Fan Huanshi, a volunteer lawyer at the Guangdong Women’s Rights Protection and Information Service Center (Guangzhou Station), in cases like Wei’s, other immediate family members can sign, even if pregnant women are conscious.”Women have the right to choose pregnancy and childbirth, and no one has the right to interfere.Because the family members refused to sign the contract, the patient’s condition was delayed. It needs to be identified by a professional organization before a final conclusion can be made.””However, if it can be proved that physical and mental damage has been caused, we can ask for damages,” Fan said.Fan Huanshi said the law does not support her husband’s unwillingness to bear child support.According to the Civil Code, parents still have the rights and obligations to raise, educate and protect their children after divorce.After divorce, if one party has direct custody of the children, the other party shall bear part or all of the maintenance fees.The amount and duration of the expenses to be borne shall be agreed upon by the two parties.If they fail to reach an agreement, the people’s court shall make a judgment.”The agreement or judgment prescribed in the preceding paragraph shall not prevent a child from making a reasonable demand, when necessary, from either parent for an amount exceeding the amount originally agreed upon or decided upon in the judgment.”Fan Huanshi said.Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post