An additional 200 billion areas, 120 billion areas!Wuhan will have 12 little tigers with GDP of 100 billion yuan

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Hubei Daily news (reporter Yan Yuntao) The first day of the Spring Festival of the Tiger, Wuhan announced the new key words of the district-level economy – “2210 pattern” : this year strive to add 200 billion areas, 120 billion areas.This means that among the 14 districts and development zones in Wuhan, 10 will have a GDP of 100 billion yuan and 2 will have a GDP of 200 billion yuan.Reporters combing wuhan district 2021 annual economic data released “two sessions” found that wuhan has 10 area more than one hundred billion yuan GDP, respectively is: east lake new technology development zone, wuhan economic and technological development zone to (the), international airport, silk road area, jianghan district of wuchang district, hongshan district, port development zone, dongxihu, jiangxia district, huangpi district, xinzhou district.Among them, The Donghu High-tech Zone will have a GDP of 240.1 billion yuan in 2021, making it the first district in Wuhan to cross the threshold of 200 billion yuan.In 2016, Jianghan District became the first administrative district in Wuhan to exceed 100 billion yuan, marking that wuhan district-level economy began to stride toward 100 billion yuan of GDP.In the same year, wuhan made a preliminary calculation of the GDP of the two development zones for the first time. The GDP of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District) and East Lake New Technology Development Zone both exceeded 100 billion yuan.In 2017, the GDP of Wuchang district and Jiangan District exceeded 100 billion.In 2018, Hongshan district and Hanyang District joined the ranks of “100 billion districts”.In 2019, wuhan new urban areas also began to make efforts, Jiangxia District, Lingkonggang Development Zone (East and West Lake district), huangpi District into the “100 billion area”.In 2020, hanyang District was withdrawn from the “100 billion district” due to the relocation of Wuyan and the sudden outbreak of the epidemic.Last year, Xinzhou district successfully entered the “100 billion district club.”In 2021, Wuhan’s GDP will reach 1.77 trillion yuan.This year, Wuhan has set a GDP target of 2 trillion yuan.”If we want to break the 2 trillion yuan mark, we must make greater efforts in district-level economic development and step up to a higher level by increasing the number of district-level economic development.”According to wuhan Development and Reform Commission, Wuhan will set an example in the development of the district, focusing on strengthening the regional economy of the national display.As the main industrial and economic battlefield of Wuhan, China Car Valley undertakes the important task of “adding 120 billion areas”.In 2021, the GDP of wuhan ECONOMIC development Zone will be about 190 billion yuan.This year, Wuhan Economic development Zone “second entrepreneurship”, GDP sprint 200 billion yuan, strive to sprint 400 billion yuan scale in 2026, comprehensive strength into the national economic development zone top ten.Qiaokou and Qingshan are both wuhan’s old industrial bases. After years of transformation and development, their GDP will both reach 90 billion yuan in 2021, and this year they will join forces to fight for the “100 billion area”.Expand the capacity of “100 billion districts” and accelerate the upgrading of district-level economy.Specifically, in wuhan city to promote, silk road area, jianghan district of wuchang district, hongshan district, Qiao estuary strong in the area rushed to carry, hanyang, qingshan district, sprint to strong national hundred area, to the east lake high-tech zone, Hong Kong international airport by the open area in the national park of its kind before entering the top three and thirty, four new strive to achieve the national counties in the level of quality.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: