At that time text 653- I was drifting in Suzhou.Snow, can only be strong, have no choice

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It snows in Suzhou January 11, 2010 18:54 WHEN I got up in the morning, it was drizzling outside.At noon when I got off work, I found that the light rain did not know when to hide, instead of the snowflakes scattered all over the sky.I am so excited and happy!Haven’t seen snow for ages!Although it was all over the sky, the snow still looked gentle.Long, thin grains of snow seemed to fall in pairs.Chanchanmianmian, as this smoke like a dream let a person linger jiangnan.I didn’t use an umbrella, and I didn’t think I needed it.If really hide under the umbrella, it is to live up to such a rare scene.Stretch your arms, look up to the sky, looking at a pair of snow, intentionally or inadvertently falling on my body, that kind of long time feeling, really good.Too impetuous too monotonous hurried pace, withered many should have calm.Life pressure and helplessness, let us miss a lot of scenery.Even such snowflakes no longer seemed worth seeing.Accustomed to lower their heads to walk their own way, accustomed to no purpose of numbness.Seems to have been accustomed to, like a small part of a machine, in the mechanical operation, from spring and summer to autumn and winter.We are good children, so, we still have to live in front of parents, obediently listen to their elders.We are all bad children, so, we also have a day, will not be willing to this palm of space, and strive to open, open the long blinded chaos, open their own blue.Life, we are all on the road, on the road we, or see more scenery!Suzhou snow again On February 14, 2010 19:51 yesterday was New Year’s Eve, after listening to the New Year’s bell and firecrackers ringing together, fell asleep.When I woke up this morning, I found that the snow outside was white and goose feathers were still in progress.Get dressed quickly and run outside to see.It’s so thick. Did the snow come after I went to bed last night?The so-called auspicious snow trillion bumper harvest, the New Year has just arrived, the snow sent a New Year’s gift.Today is also Valentine’s Day, affection and love collision day, here I wish all my friends and relatives a happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger, happy, all the best!