Learn about the advantages of Thai education and go into the real Thailand to study

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When it comes to studying abroad, the first countries we consider are the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other developed countries in Europe and America.But with our neighboring Thailand to study abroad actually has many advantages.Today, let’s introduce what are the advantages of studying abroad in Thailand: first, mutual recognition of academic degrees, high degree recognition.The general impression of Thailand is that it is a tourist country, but in fact, it has long been aware of the limitations of education, so it has invested a lot of money and resources in internal education and actively attracted foreign education systems and talents.And it has worked, with International education in Thailand well ahead of many other countries in Southeast Asia.Thailand has a perfect education system, strong cultural atmosphere, low price and high quality, attracting more and more people’s attention.In addition, There are a lot of diplomatic media, information exchange centers, international organizations and embassies in Thailand. These people have a high demand for their children’s education, which further promotes the development of international schools.Most of the higher education institutions in Thailand are concentrated in the capital Bangkok and Phuket, Pattaya area.The university has abundant funds and a large faculty. On average, more than 70% of foreign teachers teach in each university.The quality level of education is recognized by international examination institutions, and the diplomas awarded by China, Europe, the United States, Canada and many other countries.In terms of higher education, perhaps the most friendly thing for Chinese students is the agreement on mutual recognition of degrees and qualifications signed by China and Thailand in 2007, which will be renewed in 2010.According to the agreement, as long as they are regular Thai universities registered by the Thai Higher Education Commission, the Chinese Ministry of Education will allow them to be recognized and certified in the detention center after returning to China.This is equivalent to the university graduates in Thailand, equivalent to China’s unified undergraduate graduates.Even if their children are studying in international kindergartens, primary schools or middle schools in Thailand, as long as they have graduated from a university recognized by Thailand, they will enjoy the same treatment as Chinese unified undergraduate graduates no matter they want to go back to China for further study or employment.The background of studying abroad has higher value, the mutual recognition of academic degrees between China and Thailand, and the higher advantages of civil servants and public institutions when they return home. Moreover, big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have corresponding settlement policies for overseas students.Closer china-asean regional economic and trade cooperation and the development of the Belt and Road Initiative have further enhanced china-asean strategic partnership. The potential of China-Asean trade development will be maximized and considerable talent demand potential will be derived.With a background of studying in Thailand and a good command of Chinese, English and Thai languages, Chinese students can not only find good jobs in Thailand, but also choose to return to China or work in ASEAN countries and multinational enterprises after graduation.Three, the living environment is free and comfortable.In terms of study life, Thailand has more obvious advantages compared with Europe and the United States.1. It takes about 2 hours from Nanning to Bangkok, Thailand by plane, and there is no time difference.Studying in Thailand can minimize the probability of “homesickness”, and even during holidays, you can go home to visit relatives and friends.Moreover, with the economic development of “Belt and Road”, China-Thailand cooperation and friendship have been continuously strengthened in the fields of economy, trade, investment, culture, education and other fields. Thailand, as the trade, finance and logistics center of ASEAN, more and more people go to Thailand to study more protective layer.And the choice of formal Thai university, degree in the domestic certification can not only, but also enjoy the dual treatment of unified recruitment and overseas returnees.2. Cultural Environment Studying in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, due to cultural differences and historical reasons, often brings Chinese students a lot of invisible pressure, especially psychological pressure, which is difficult to be adjusted in a short time.But don’t worry too much about that if you choose Thailand.Because Thailand is a Buddhist country with a large number of Chinese, there are many similarities between Thailand and China in cultural traditions and living habits.The local Thai people are warm, friendly and harmonious.In addition, Thailand has no history of Chinese exclusion, so students can adapt to study abroad life more quickly and the living environment will be more relaxed.3. Study abroad study abroad in southeast Asia cost is relatively low, Thailand costs less than one 5 of Europe and the United States, with Thai royal class praise Howard normal university as an example, the undergraduate course to learn about RMB 30000 a year, this year and study abroad in Europe and the United Nations compared to high tuition fee, the tuition is very high cost performance, very suitable for working families to study abroad to choose.