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“24 filial piety” full name “whole phase 24 filial piety poetry anthology”, is the Yuan Dynasty Guo Jujing cataloguing, one is its younger brother Guo Shouzheng, the third argument is Guo Juye.A collection of stories about filial piety by twenty-four filial sons from different angles, different environments and different encounters.Since most of the later printed copies were accompanied by pictures, it was also called the twenty-four Filial Piety Picture.It is a popular book for promoting Confucianism and filial piety in ancient China.The first filial piety: filial piety touched heavenly father mother evil brother cruel, Yu Shun worship filial piety heaven.Not jealous family enemies frequently feng Shi, emperor Yao pro let the right to inherit.Note: Yu Shun was gu Sou’s son.Sex to filial piety.Father stubborn, mother clamour, younger brother elephant proud.Shun ploughed in the mountains, and the elephant ploughed, and the bird ploughed.Their filial piety is so.Emperor Yao heard it, the matter to nine men, wife to two women, then to the world to let yan.Second filial piety: taste tang Wen Emperor Liu Heng king of the Western Han Dynasty, high moral heavy liufang.Bedridden mother for three years, every decoctions boil personally taste.Note: Emperor Wen of the Western Han Dynasty, whose name was Heng, was the third son of Gaozu and the first king.His mother, empress Dowager Bo, was supported by the Emperor.Mother often ill, three years, the emperor did not take eyelids, clothes, medicine is not mouth taste fu Jin.Benevolence and filial piety are known all over the world.The third filial piety: gnawing refers to the painful incident of the Spring and Autumn Zengzi ginseng, pay mountain suddenly pain heart.Urgent return home kneel inquiry mother, rodent call son entertain a guest.Note: Zhou Zengshen, styled ziyu, served his mother to filial piety.Ginseng often take salary mountain, home visitors to.Mother helpless, hope ginseng not also, is the rodent.Ginseng suddenly heartache, negative salary and return, kneel to ask its reason.”My mother said,” I have an urgent visitor.Fourth filial piety: 100 li negative meters (folding waist body) Confucius student name zhong By, early poverty a sorrow.A hundred miles long distance shoulder meters, body glory kiss often stay.Note: Zhou Zhongyou, styled zi Lu.Poor family, often eat quinoa (Li) medium (huo) of food, for pro-negative meters one hundred miles away.The deceased was traveling south in Chu, riding a hundred chariots, collecting thousands of millet, sitting tired of wormwood and eating tripods. He sighed, “Though he was dying to eat veratrol, he lost his love for rice, but he couldn’t get it.”Fifth Filial Piety: Lu Yi shun Mother In the Spring and Autumn Period, Min Sang, winter luyi filial piety mother.My father wanted to drive my wife away, and my son asked for forgiveness.Note: Zhou Min-sun, styled Ziqian, lost his mother early.His father married his stepmother and had two sons, clothed in cotton.Envy wears reed.Father order damage royal car, cold body, lose ground (Zhen).The father looked for his reasons and wanted to get out the stepmother.He said, “Mother is in one cold, and mother is away from three cold.”Mother wen, repent.Sixth filial piety: deer milk feng relatives (general rhyme) Tanzi parents suffering from eye disease, inquire about deer milk will be able to cure.To milk the real breast for the cure, the scoundrel wears deerskin in the crowd.Note: Zhou Tan (Tan) son, to filial piety.Old parents, both with eyes, missing deer’s milk.Tanzi is wearing deerskin, went to the mountains, into the deer, deer milk for relatives.The hunter sees it and wants to shoot.Tanzi are all with love to tell, is free.Seventh filial piety: play colorful entertainment relatives (general rhyme) filial piety parents old Lai son, over seventy years old like urchin.For bo parents laugh, often play colorful clothes entertainment.Note: Zhou Laolaizi, filial piety, two relatives, extremely crisp, seventy years old, not old.Often wearing five colorful clothes, for the baby play in the pro side.He often went to court to fetch water and crowed as a baby to amuse his relatives.Brother Kong fang borrowed money and sold himself as a slave to work.Road in pairs, male and female woven sense of the sky.Note: Han Dong Yong, poor family.Father died, sold his body to borrow money and buried.And to pay off the work.I met a woman and asked for her eternal wife.All to the master, make weave (jian) three hundred, is back.It was made in January.Return to huai Yin club, then quit forever.The ninth filial piety: carved wood matter pro (general rhyme) bereaved parents repay kindness without, carved wood matter pro care.One day double eyes in tears, that the original wife out.Note: Han Dinglan, the child bereaved parents, not to support, and miss the qu of labor, wood as the image, things such as health.His wife long and disrespectful, with needle play stab its finger, blood out.The wooden statue saw LAN, tears in her eyes.LAN asked for his love and abandoned his wife.Tenth filial piety: line of servants for mother less lost father with mother, several fleeing repeatedly drive.Rather than work hard to meet the needs of amah.Note: han Jiangge, less lost his father, alone with his mother.In chaos, his mother fled.Several thieves, or want to rob will go, often cry to tell his mother in, the thief can not bear to kill.He slipped (xian) to xiapi (PI), poverty naked (xian) and live for his mother.A mother gives everything she has.Eleventh filial piety: huai orange legacy biography lu Achievement Liu Ling Tong, hide orange in huai not moved.Ask why do so?I want to go to my mother.Note: Lu Ji, six years old, met Yuan Shu in Jiujiang.Art out of the orange to be, the achievement of huai orange two.And return, farewell to the ground.The art said, “Is Lu Lang pregnant with an orange as a guest?”Achievements kneel answer yue: “my maternal love, desire to return to the mother.”The art is very strange.Twelfth filial piety: bury son in mother’s family poor difficult foster mother and son, to bury mother son shi Niang.Dug a deep pit three feet xu, a cauldron of gold to save the cold famine.Note: Han Guo Ju, poor family.A son was three years old, and the mother tried to cut down on his food.Huge said his wife said: “poverty can’t for the mother, the son and denominator of food, the mixer bury this son?Son can again, the mother can not recover “wife dare not for.When he dug a pit three feet deep, he suddenly saw a cauldron of gold.The emperor said, “God has given guo Ju his filial son. Neither the government nor the people can take him away.”Diao Section mu character Maolin, no. Muzi, also no. Liuyin Hall master.He graduated from philosophy department of Anhui University in 1982.Associate Professor, Hefei School of Administration, Anhui Province.In May 2016, he retired from the county-level position.He is a member of Chinese Poetry Association, director of Anhui Taibai House Poetry Association and member of Anhui Writers Association. He has served as vice chairman of Chaohu and Hefei writers Association successively, vice president of Anhui Prospect Poetry Society, and chief editor of Prospect Poetry Garden for twenty years.At the beginning of 2020, he was employed as the chief editor of the luxurious masterpiece Poem Leaves of Shanghai Beach (recorded by the World guinness).By January 2021, 4,568 poems have been written, of which 4,030 poems have been published 3,246 times (11,360 poems have been published in total) in 485 books and newspapers in France, Japan, Singapore and China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).By the end of January 2022, the official account had been published 65 times, 58 of which were featured on The famous Chinese website Toutiao.”Even” language “approachable” impression, has been “people’s Net” top headlines.His monographs include one Thousand Muzi Juju (China Federation of Literary and Arts Publishing House), Three Hundred Muzi Poems (Writers Publishing House), One Thousand Songs of Muzi Tourism (China Federation of Literary and Arts Publishing House), And Records of Muzi Poems and Essays (People’s Literature Publishing House).Edited by The Fate of Poetry (two volumes, China International Publishing House).It has been collected by Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Wuhan University, Anhui University and other libraries.Biographical sketches have been compiled into nearly 100 classics, such as Dictionary of Contemporary Poets, Talent Pool of Chinese Experts, Children of the East, And World Excellent Experts and Talents.