The all-new Ford EVOS surprise gift starts at $199,800

2022-05-03 0 By

This March, Ford EVOS will give you a different surprise for the Spring Festival and winter sports event!Or enjoy a 3-year 0 interest rate financial program to enjoy the high 15,000 yuan replacement subsidy ② Any brand model replacement Ford EVOS enjoy lifelong free maintenance ③ to the store test drive Ford EVOS that enjoy a good gift ④ New Year owners 3 heavy gift ⑤ 1998-259,800 yuan ⑥ Activity time: February 1 to February 28, 2022, first buy, first serve.(1) When changan Ford owners use Changan Ford models to replace Ford EVOS, they can use the original car valuation + replacement subsidy to offset the down payment amount to achieve the low EVOS of 0 yuan.The valuation of the original car is subject to the actual evaluation and the requirements of the second-hand car replacement policy. For details, please contact your local authorized second-hand car dealer.② The specific replacement subsidy will vary depending on the replacement model, please contact your local dealer for details.(3) Maintenance red envelopes, that is, any brand model replacement Changan Ford EVOS enjoy lifelong free maintenance, only the first personal owners of the new car, the annual limit of 1 basic maintenance, basic maintenance is the replacement of oil machine filter.If the vehicle is transferred, the lifelong free maintenance automatically expires.If the owner/car meets other conditions of free maintenance activities, the free maintenance policy will not be added to enjoy.Replacement lifetime maintenance is only available to individuals who purchase the replacement car and meet the relevant requirements of the second-hand car replacement policy. For details, please contact your local second-hand car authorized dealer.(4) Test drive red envelope that is, to the store to test drive Changan Ford EVOS enjoy the test drive gift.In other words, changan Ford owners can enjoy 3 perks, including 30 free inspections/seasonal parts gifts/Spring tire treats.⑥EcoBoost®245 technology edition is a major customer model, order production, customer qualification and minimum order quantity requirements, delivery cycle is more than 6 months.Specific order terms and delivery cycle will depend on the demand and parts supply, please call Changan Ford 4008877766 hotline for more information.* Contact your local distributor for details….Ford EVOS presents you a surprise red envelope rain to depict the unforgettable scene of the winter Sports event!In the arrival of the New Year, the spirit of the games in February, Changfu to “old owners enjoy a low 0 yuan drive away ford EVOS” super welfare to express the good outlook of the New Year and the spirit of the games absolute affirmation!The New Year needs new ideas.Changan Ford strives to create a new star of The Times — the new Ford EVOS, which is more fashionable, cooler, more technological, more intelligent, warmer and more powerful.The emerging aesthetics of The Times and the light of future science and technology blend, the metallic skin reflects the extraordinary skills;The atmosphere and elegant overall modeling and bright line texture, will be the atmosphere of science and technology, superior temperament and sports fashion all-round show!”Ford Blue Friend”, the assistant accompanying you all the time, will understand you and care for you through the catalysis of future technology;Combined driving fun, AR real navigation, free secret environment, time and space secret message and other trends of technology, immersive driving with you more tacit understanding!6.6s speed of breaking 100 amazing strength makes people scream, “breaking wind” is not just talk;All the way, the magic technology will predict the road ahead in front of you to show the new appearance of life!Intelligent design, intelligent interaction, intelligent driving…Many future technologies blend into one, to create the trend of The Times wisdom nova — innovation wisdom big five-seat SUV!Amazing, from this era!All new Ford EVOS, add a new engine for you in the New Year, let you enjoy the unforgettable time of “C-bit debut”!The new Ford EVOS has arrived in the store, welcome to inquire or to the store test drive experience!