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Now, in this era of appearance level in power, skin care has been a women daily, even if again busy work, a lot of girls will take some time to conscientiously protect skin, because good skin not only enhance the level of personal appearance and temperament, but also will make you look more young, so the skin become the most important cause of women in his life.As the quality of life constantly improve, the female pursuit for beauty is higher, but the fast pace of life style, causes a lot of women will face all kinds of skin problems, if not timely maintenance, to reduce the appearance, but at the same time, the level of the whole people will also appears more haggard, cream was the last step of skin care, its efficacy believe sisters are very understanding, to this, so small make up recommend:Women buy face cream, don’t always choose big brands, Shen Mengchen basked in face cream less than 100 yuan, not lost la Mer.Many sisters subconscious will think, large brand effect will be more obvious, cheap but not ideal, actually otherwise, big brands are expensive because, they invest in commodity publicity and packaging is very big, composition and parity were similar, while this cream can win big, not only because it is cheap,But its quality is outstanding, many little sisters have been repurchased many times.This pear six peptide cream, honey can has unshakable position in the skin care industry, because it is rich in six peptides which, as an ingredient I believe you don’t know this kind of composition, six peptide, peptide called six yuan bay from the South Pole glacier mud bacteria called single-celled pseudomonas bacteria found in extraction, has the stable state of skin, improve skin environment, moisture,Firming and moisturizing effect.In addition, this cream recommended by star talent and beauty makeup, Shen Mengchen has said that the cream texture is very good, has the very good close skin, to face all sorts of small fine lines had a very good repair effect, but also can carry bright color of skin, whether it is used to maintain at ordinary times, or used to stay up after the first aid, the overall performance of the cream is very good.It is a bit like melted cheese is Q, but also can draw, it looks full of water, and there is a light fragrance, I tried on the hand, a little sticky at the beginning, but after a simple rubbing massage, it will soon be absorbed by the skin, there is no such annoying sticky feeling and thick feeling.Fit as winter skin the last step before sleep ~ small make up from start to now, over a period of time to experience, it is visible to the naked eye skin changes, not only the overall color bright white a lot of, all sorts of small fine lines also have improved, now my facial skin tight and full luster, have to say that this skin cream women “the source of life”.Less than one hundred yuan, although it’s cheap, but any big effect, face cream, as the last step of skin care, of course, to restore moisture, so as to firmly lock before all the nutrition of skincare, and this cream can perfect hold winter skin care the last line of defense, let your skin smooth and tender persistently, and sisters, if you also want to have star type of skin,Try this cream, believe it will bring you a new skin care experience ~~