Zhang Yujiao, please don’t “sell miserably” with your child!

2022-05-03 0 By

01 early this morning, Jiao Jiao updated a work, the content is moving with children!Jiao Jiao to leave the mountain media, this is her and her ex-husband after divorce encountered the most sad thing, a person bid farewell to the past the fastest way is to change the environment, moving for Jiao Jiao is inevitable!02. Video, jiaojiao holding the infant child, said to the camera, as long as you want to mix in this world to ah, you don’t be afraid of others evaluation you, anyway, whenever you to mix, remember the heart don’t be a bad thing, now we are moving, everything in the package, the family move, give me a safe home!Later, When Jiaojiao was sorting things out, she said, “Whoever doesn’t say who is behind the back, dare to do and dare to say, this is all right, I think the most difficult to be a single mother!”After this sentence is said, Jiao Jiao shed tears, but also a single hand wipe tears scene!It is not easy for a woman to live alone with two children without her career and husband.But the question is, does Jiao Jiao need to show her kids?To know, the Internet is a memory, especially the star, do everything will leave traces on the Internet, Jiao Jiao and Zhao Benshan between the enmity, should be in her generation, rather than many times with the child as a stunt, let the child continue to live in revenge?After the video was posted, a netizen commented on Jiao Jiao: ‘It’s selling so badly, and there’s a soundtrack!Obviously, in the eyes of some netizens, Jiao Jiao posted this video is to sell miserably to win sympathy, after all, single mothers are vulnerable groups at any time, even if they made a mistake, we can not say!In fact, Jiaojiao holding the child out of the camera, is not the first time!Under Jiao Jiao’s account, we have seen many times: Jiao Jiao sprayed skin care products on children’s faces in order to bring goods. Perhaps this skin care product is of good quality and cost-effective, but is it necessary for Jiao Jiao to spray skin care products on children’s faces?Not afraid to get it in your eyes?Is the child your blood or not?Or the tools you brought with you?The most interesting is, Jiaojiao holding the child in the home “sell miserably”, feeling that the first time to do a daughter is not good, but we are not the first time to do a mother?It’s not easy for all moms!In the video, Jiao Jiao not only wears a lot of makeup, but also wears big earrings and manicures. She doesn’t look like a nursing mother at all!In the comments section, one user sneered: “After shooting the video, throw it to the nanny, change your lipstick color and go out and play!”Therefore, jiao Jiao’s series of operations can be seen that her life is still in the stage of posing, but also as zhao Benshan’s female number one, no heart to experience life!What’s feud between jiaojiao and zhao benshan, we say, because the parties did not give the empirical, the child is innocent, they was born without a father, already very poor, if the mother in order to sell miserably, a person, was forced to appear in the video, appeared in front of the world, for they are not a cruel?Jiao Jiao has always thought that her life was controlled by Zhao Benshan, so according to her current operation, the child’s life is not also taken by her?So, since Jiaojiao chose to be a single mother, choose a different life, then take good care of the child, do things for the children to think, leaving the mountain media is no big deal, low-key life, high-profile work, entertainment or you have a foothold!