After 12 years of waiting, The Chinese women’s ice hockey team played the first match against the Czech Republic at noon on March 3

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At 12:10 p.m. on February 3, China’s women’s ice hockey team will face the Czech Republic in the first match of the Beijing Winter Olympics.It was also the first time for Chinese women to return after missing two Winter Olympics.The Chinese women’s ice hockey team is based on the Shenzhen Kunlun Red Star team, with 16 athletes from Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The team has been training and competing in Russia.”After 12 years of waiting, The Chinese women’s ice hockey team will once again compete in the Olympic Winter Games. Everything has changed, but the original aspiration has never changed.Please remember this confident and brave Chinese women’s ice hockey team!”China, Japan, Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark are drawn in Group B of the 10-team women’s ice hockey event at the Beijing Winter Olympics. The top three teams in group A will join the five teams in the last eight.In Group B, The Japanese team and the Czech Team ranked sixth and seventh respectively in the world, and are the important opponents of The Chinese women.According to the current world ranking, The Japanese team is sixth, the Czech Republic is seventh, Sweden is ninth, Denmark is 11th, and China is only 20th.The Czech women have qualified for the Winter Olympics for the first time, but they are not to be underestimated.The Czech National women’s ice hockey team is comprised mainly of the “golden Generation” from the 2014 U18 Women’s World Championships, where the Czech Women’s junior team won a bronze medal, the greatest achievement in the history of Czech women’s ice hockey.In November, the Czech women’s ice hockey team beat Poland 16-0, Hungary 5-1 and Norway 3-1 in a qualifying match, securing a ticket to the Beijing Winter Olympics without controversy.Among the numerous Czech women ice musketeers, the most famous is the Czech ice hockey queen — Alena Mills, the main center of Shenzhen Kunlun Hongxing Vanke Sunshine ice hockey Team.Alena joined Shenzhen Kunlun Red Star in the 2020-2021 season and helped the Czech Republic score a team-high five goals and two assists at the 2021 World Championships. Her 71.2 percent scrimmage rate from the scrimmage circle was voted the best scrimmage player at the World Championships.In addition, the Czechs have excellent Klara Peslarova in the goalkeeper position.Peslarova started all seven matches at the 2021 World Championships and two of three in the Winter Olympics qualifying tournament.Four wins, 93.3% save percentage and 1.17 goals per game in the World Championship.The Chinese women’s ice hockey team has three players who competed in Vancouver: defenders Yu Baiwei and Liu Zhixin, and forward Zhang Mengying.Yu has been competing in international competitions since 2007 and has been the team captain since 2012.Solid at the back and her big-match experience will be invaluable.Liu Zhixin, also a defender, made his international debut at the Vancouver Olympics.At club level, she played four of the past five seasons for Shenzhen Vanke Sunshine, helping the team win the Russian Women’s Hockey League championship in 2020 and reach the CWHL playoffs in 2018.She can also contribute offensively, contributing 14 points (five goals and nine assists) in her championship season two years ago.28-year-old forward Zhang Mengying also made her international debut at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.She has since played for China’s national team, wearing the vice-captain armband since the 2013-2014 season.She played for Shenzhen Vanke Sunshine for the first time this season, making 21 appearances.Of course, The Chinese team also did their homework this time. The addition of 13 naturalized players greatly enhanced the strength of the Chinese women’s hockey team. In terms of NCAA players experience and number of players on the team, The Chinese team is the second largest in the entire B group.However, compared with other mature national teams, The Chinese squad is relatively young, so it is worth observing whether the body, psychology and experience can adapt to such an event as the Olympic Games.The star player of The Chinese women’s ice hockey team is undoubtedly goalkeeper Zhou Jiaying.She currently holds several individual goalkeeping records for the Princeton Women’s varsity team, including goals lost per game, games won, and save percentage.In 2017, Zhou was drafted by Shenzhen Kunlun Red Star and played in the CWHL and three seasons in the WHL with remarkable results.After Guo Hong, the “Great Wall of China”, this is the world’s best female ice hockey goalie.It can be said that whether the 25-year-old Zhou jiaying can maintain his usual high level, high and low in front of the goal, will be the key to the young team’s excellent performance in the Winter Olympics.Read: Sun Shijian