Announcement of solicitation of sponsoring enterprises for the 14th Sichuan Sports Meeting

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The 14th Sichuan Provincial Sports Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the “provincial Games”) will be held in Leshan city in 2022.Provincial Games is the province’s highest specifications, the largest scale, the highest level of comprehensive sports event.To run the provincial Games well is an opportunity to show leshan’s history and culture, charm of civilization and achievements of reform and opening up, as well as an important platform to promote leshan and a good opportunity to speed up its development. It is also an important event in the city’s political, economic and cultural life, with far-reaching influence and great significance.At the same time, the provincial games will also become a good opportunity to show the development achievements of enterprises, enhance the corporate image and brand status, expand the market share of enterprises.In order to extensively absorb social funds and forces to participate in the preparations for the provincial Games, and to raise funds, materials and related technologies and services needed for the provincial games, we hereby publish the relevant matters concerning the solicitation of sponsorship for the provincial Games.(1) To further improve the popularity and reputation of the provincial Games in And outside Sichuan Province, expand the influence of the provincial games, and promote the all-round development of sports;(2) promote the spirit of sports, so that the resources of the provincial games should play their due economic and social benefits, and better serve the provincial games;(iii) Encourage the active participation of enterprises in and outside the province, provide a unique marketing platform for enterprises in and outside the province, and expand the influence of enterprises and brands with the help of the provincial games;(IV) Take the sponsoring enterprises as the center, provide high-quality returns and services, promote the maximum benefit of sponsorship, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.Two, sponsorship level (a) total title total title is the highest level of sponsorship form of the provincial Games, with absolute exclusive right and priority, will get the highest level of the return of the current provincial games.(2) Partnership Partnership is a high-level sponsorship form of the provincial Games.The amount of investment is set according to different industries, and will be rewarded by the provincial games.(3) Sponsor sponsor is a higher level of sponsorship form of the provincial games, will get the higher level of the return of the current provincial games.Exclusive supplier Exclusive supplier is an important form of sponsorship for the provincial Games, and will get the corresponding level of rewards for the current provincial games.(V) Suppliers Suppliers are the main form of sponsorship of the provincial Games, and will get the corresponding level of rewards from the provincial Games.(vi) Supporting units Supporting units is the regular sponsorship form of the provincial Games, will get the corresponding level of the return of the current provincial games.3. Sponsorship returns include: related honors, industry (product) rights and interests, naming rights and interests, advertising rights and interests and concierge reception services, etc.(1) to give the relevant honors to the enterprise, that is, to grant the enterprise the title related to the provincial games;To issue certificates of honor to enterprises;Granting enterprises the right to hold press conferences;Invite enterprises to attend important official activities of provincial games, etc.(2) to give enterprises and products franchise, that is, to grant enterprises to the name of the provincial games, emblem, logo, mascot and other special symbols of the right to use;Granting the enterprise the right of exclusive operation and service;Granting enterprises exclusive right to supply products;Choose enterprise products first.(3) Give enterprises the right of naming, that is, the competition will name the enterprise, and set up the enterprise’s naming advertisement in a prominent position in the venue of the competition, highlight the enterprise’s logo on the official publications such as the competition order book named by the enterprise, and invite the enterprise’s responsible person to attend the competition award ceremony.(IV) Enterprises shall be given the right to set up advertisements and release relevant information of enterprises in provincial Games venues, relevant large-scale activities venues, stations, squares, main crossings and other relevant areas according to the form of cooperation.(5) give enterprises the right to publish advertising, in accordance with the form of cooperation for enterprises in the provincial games journal, website, press conference and other official platforms to publish advertising and related enterprise information.(vi) give enterprises the right to display and sell their products and commodities, in accordance with the form of cooperation for relevant enterprises to display their products and commodities in the designated area of the provincial games, and provide the area for sales of products, to establish a sales platform between enterprises and customers.(7) give related concierge treatment to enterprises, concierge treatment mainly includes VIP seats for important activities such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the provincial Games, VIP cards and tickets for important games, enjoy accommodation and transportation treatment during the games, and obtain free auxiliary marketing services provided by the provincial games organizing Committee.Four, sponsorship product category banking, insurance, mobile phones, clothing, oil chemical, electric power, dairy products, funds and bonds, energy and new energy, Internet services, China national radio and television, film and television, audio and video) service, real estate, network equipment, telecommunications equipment, computer equipment, mobile telecom services, fixed telecom service, information technology services, audio equipment,Flow, express, non-ferrous metals, agriculture, pharmaceutical, retail, beverage, media advertising, creative planning, entertainment, hotels, travel agencies, food service, hospitality services, electrical appliances, digital image, press and publication services, language services, legal services, training, sports equipment, temporary construction, e-commerce, software applications, office supplies, leather production, etc.The following factors shall be taken into consideration when selecting the sponsoring enterprise: (1) Enterprise qualification: the sponsoring enterprise must have strong strength, good development prospects, be in a leading position in the same industry within and outside the province, and have sufficient funds.(2) Guarantee ability: to successfully hold the provincial games to provide adequate, advanced and reliable products, technologies or services.(3) Sponsored quotation: the quotation of the enterprise must exceed the benchmark price set.(4) corporate brand: the enterprise has a good social image and reputation, the brand and image of the enterprise and the provincial games concept of integration, products meet the requirements of environmental protection.(5) promotion measures: enterprises should give corresponding investment in marketing and advertising promotion, in order to give full play to the role of the provincial games platform, and at the same time play a role in publicity and promotion of the provincial games.Vi. Sponsorship Solicitation Procedure (I) The solicitation method shall adhere to the principle of “openness, fairness and justice”, and adopt the following different solicitation methods according to different situations of the industry: Open solicitation, through the official media of the Organizing Committee, the announcement of solicitation shall be issued to the public, and the intention of corporate sponsorship shall be publicly solicited;Directed invitation, to have the relevant technical conditions of the enterprise sponsorship invitation;Collect individual cases, and directly negotiate sales with enterprises with professional and technical qualifications.1. The Organizing Committee is open to the public to solicit corporate sponsorship intention;2. The enterprise shall submit the letter of intent and the enterprise information form to the organizing committee;3. The organizing committee conducts enterprise qualification evaluation;4. Relevant departments of the preparatory Committee negotiate sponsorship schemes with enterprises;5. The enterprise submits formal sponsorship scheme;6. The organizing committee determines the sponsoring enterprise;7. Sign sponsorship contracts.Those who are interested in sponsoring the provincial games can contact the marketing development department of the organizing committee. We will provide high-quality services for the sponsoring enterprises and create a powerful marketing platform.Contact Person: Yan Zhiqian Contact Number: 13883194767 Office Address: Leshan Suji New District Investment Construction (Group) Co., LTD., No. 1922, Susha Road, Shizhong District, Leshan city, Sichuan ProvinceRevise and supplement this Solicitation notice;2. Change the schedule of this solicitation activity;3. The right of final interpretation is reserved for this Solicitation Announcement.The above specific sponsorship form, the amount of investment, the way of return, the category of sponsored products and other related matters, and the final sponsorship contract signed by the provincial games organizing Committee and the sponsoring enterprises shall prevail.Heartfelt thanks to the sponsors of the provincial games for their enthusiastic concern and support!Leshan City to prepare for the 14th Sichuan Provincial Games Working Committee 2022 January 28 source: Unlimited Leshan