Bi Bi East intentions, why thousands of stream not waste bi Bi East?But pamper her!

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Bi bi east intentions, why 99 level of the world’s greatest fight luo thousand road flow not waste bi Bi east?But to connive at the east, and even continue to let the east as the Soul temple Pope?Even if bibi east killed thousands of road flow son Chihiro disease, also still can not lead thousands of road flow of anger, why is this?There are four main reasons.First: thousand way better than than the east flow control is known to all, eternal temple looks unified coordination, and internal regulations is the separation of powers, divided into eternal temple, temple and the elders Luo Dian three big institutions, including the Pope than east can only control the eternal temple, while big sacrifice qian tao flow can control the bucket Luo Dian house and the elders, you know, dou Luo Dian the core of the temple and elders, but the eternal temple,As long as Bibi Dong doesn’t get it, he can’t be regarded as a real Pope, and he doesn’t have enough strength to compete with Qiandao Liu. Therefore, Qiandao Liu with core power can balance Bibi Dong very well.In addition, thousands of road flow has already entered the 99 level of the world to fight luo realm for many years, the overall strength of the then bibi East, to bibi east to start, it is easy, but there is no need, you think?Second: thousand flow contrast than east a guilty angels in the snow towering nine test, qian tao flow will tell the truth to the snow: towering kill her father not tang hao, but his mother than the east, it also illustrates the thousand flow has long been known that is than the east kill qianhe disease, so why not to qian tao flow than east revenge?Because thousands of flow of angels eternal justice attributes, when know his son defiled than the east, thousands of stream is speechless, his son is true shameless mean, qian tao flow contrast than the east is a little guilty, furthermore, bibi is eternal saint temple east, should inherit the Pope, so qian tao flow will turn a blind eye!What do you think?Third: bibi east is qianren snow’s biological mother Qiandao flow not to kill bibi East, mainly for the sake of granddaughter, after all, Qianren snow had no father, he did not want to qianren snow lost mother again, so will completely scrap qianren snow angel god inheritance.Although their mother and daughter relations are not good, but thousands of renren snow is thousands of flow of the heart, especially thousands of renren snow angels nine test, thousands of flow is to regard it as the future of the temple of the soul, can not let thousands of renren snow practice road on the road the slightest accident, so thousands of flow did not start on the east than!Fourth: bi bi east potential infinite bi east is rare twin soul owners, but also the first twin soul practice to the 99 level, her potential and talent don’t lose Tang three, the strength of the future will certainly surpass thousands of flow.Wudeng temple only under the leadership of the east than, can go to the peak, if wudeng temple by chianxin disease took over, with his character of the insouciance, wudeng temple will die sooner or later, so let the east as the Pope is the best choice.Moreover, what would Bibi East do if thousands of currents attacked him and pushed him to the limit?Either Bibi Dong and The Thousand road flow to ruin, or Bibi Dong run to the master, against the thousand road flow, which is not worth it, do you think?Leave your thoughts in the comments section.Ask for praise and attention, here is the so-called National comics, take you to see “different fight to break the Sky”!