Come across Yang Mi!Wear a super handsome dress up to go to underwear shop grounding gas, and the basic outfit to wear a big explosion

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It is not a new thing for the stars to meet by chance, not long ago, Yang Mi was met by netizens, as the Victoria’s Secret spokesperson, she appeared in the brand store, went out of the bags and bags to buy a lot of things, carrying full booty standing on the street, so that Yang Mi also more than a lot of grounded feeling.As the star in the most can dress one, Yang Mi the private suit modelling of major can become burst money, and the suit that goes shopping this dress up, although have back only, but the modelling of simple atmosphere also lets whole body take what get everybody likes.Explosive money wears the way that build we often say to wear take explosive money, so what just be true to wear take explosive money after all?Simply put, it is the whole body shape in line with the public aesthetic and the public figure.Take most of Yang Mi’s private clothes for modeling, the single goods on her body are almost the common basic money in our wardrobe, but the family can wear a very fashionable feeling, mainly because the family has more ideas in wearing details, more can highlight the bright spot on details.So today we have the aid of Yang Mi a few sets of private clothes modeling, to talk about wearing a burst money to make means.1. The first way is to highlight the unique sense of the whole body shape through the silhouette collocation of the clothing, and increase the visual sense of the popular style. Simply put, it means to wear the obvious outline changes of the basic style of the whole body, such as tight on the top, long on the bottom and short on the bottom.Most of Yang Mi’s private clothes are almost matched in these two ways, and different details have different requirements for the body part.01 panasonic tight panasonic tight wear, in simple terms, is to choose a loose version of the shirt with tight pants, such a collocation will be the greatest extent to modify the proportion of the effect of the figure, but also can be very good to increase the basic style sense and fashion sense.Because trousers outfit tight profile nevertheless, the feeling that decorates to double leg line does not have almost, so to can highlight the effect that decorates, to trousers outfit and jacket requirement, differ: trousers outfit: the trousers length of tight trousers + 9 minutes is most appropriate, dark attune can have the effect that decorates leg model more than light color attune.Tops: In addition to keeping your clothes loose, pay attention to the length of your clothes. Hips are best.02 on the long under the short way to wear and on the panasonic tight collocation is actually the same, are for the leg type requirements will be higher, and the long under the short wear, because it is a long jacket with super short clothes, so we have become missing clothes.This way of collocation for the leg type is higher, and in order to play an obvious modification effect, the selection of the version of the jacket is very important, in addition to paying attention to the length and loose sense of clothes, but also pay attention to the clothes in detail, such as the design of shoulder pads.Tips: If the top ends at the hips, opt for A tight bottom, which is more matching than an A-line or straight-line top.2. The second common way to create fashionable clothes through color matching is to reflect the visual highlights and versatility of the model through the color matching of clothes. The basic color is the color that people often wear.However, such a color matching method requires us to pay more attention to many details, especially the design details of clothes, so in order to reduce the difficulty of wearing, we can choose the basic color + bright color collocation method.This color combination can not only do the visual highlights, but also increase the basic color of the advanced sense, but there are a few color details need to pay attention to: 01 bright color as the best decorative color appears on the clothes.02 Basic colors and bright colors to achieve a unified sense of tone.03 bright color in the whole body collocation should have obvious up and down unified color relationship.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!The text/smile