Did the lady of the Beginning call you a raffle?The net police little sister takes you to discover the hidden truth!

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A few days ago, the TV series “The Beginning” was a big hit on the Internet. After 25 time loops, the hero and heroine finally found the truth, saved a car full of people, moved the audience, but also moved the little sister of the network police.”The beginning” found the truth, saved a car of people, but in life, there are illegal elements in the name of she, ceng heat lie!New Year’s day these days, the network police little sister received several netizens to provide clues, they have encountered multiple fraud suture strange.Let me show you how many tricks are involved.The beginning of the formula Just as you excitedly finish watching the end of The Beginning, the gang of crooks starts to move in.They pretended to be the official team of The Beginning and, through various channels, got you to click on their “raffle”.The so-called lucky draw offers “15 red envelopes of 8888, plus an iphone12promax, an autographed photo and a concert ticket.”In the spirit of curiosity, you long press the mini program to enter the lottery, but a safety alert pops up.Don’t look at it, a look startled: “the Ministry of Public Security prompt: now detect your family illegal abnormal risk, please immediately contact the public security personnel to contact, remove the failure of your family negative measures to freeze all funds, public security personnel to arrest your parents half a year to start and fine 200,000 YUAN.”(Can it be true that the language is not fluent and the wording is not normal?)Of course, some people still believe, and very afraid, when you contact the initiator of this lottery activity, you find that the head is so big, is the beginning of the heroine “Zhao Jinmai”!”Heroine” herself hosted such a big raffle……A: wow!If you look closely, you’ll find that this is a scam within a scam cycle!Routine analysis the first step: when you tell the other side you see the safety tips, the other side will pretend to be an artist name to tell you “the problem is very serious”!And give you a contact information, let you go to cooperate with the relevant departments to remove.”Zhao Jinmai” is like an “acquaintance” discussing with you why there is a mistake, asking you to go to the “police” to unfreeze, and “anxious” to tell you the seriousness of not unfreezing.And “Zhao Jin Mai” is only a beginning, is the first trap that lets you fall into a trap, gave you the account that can thaw, her task is completed namely.So the first con ends and we move on to the next.Step 2: after “Zhao Jinmai” gives you “unfrozen contact information”, her play ends and exits.When you contact that number, you find that it is a new role claiming to be a police officer of Harbin Public Security Bureau, and even reported on the police number.Does this open warning make you more convinced of the truth of the incident?It’s just one of those tricks, anyway!Anyone who handles a case only through the Internet, whether he sends a photo of an officer’s ID, or a wanted poster, or shows a photo of a police uniform that doesn’t look right, is a liar!The “Officer Liu” gives you two choices: first, cooperate directly online to remove the risk; second, inform the local public security bureau and contact your parents to prepare for the investigation.No, what the hell did I do?The somebody else this “liu police officer” did not say the case that any involves at all, because it is they make up originally!From the raffle code sweep initiated by “Zhao Jinmai” to the request of “Officer Liu” for cooperation in unfreezing, this is the second step to get you into the scam.The third step: layers of guidance, so that you believe in it, out of your parents and other family location information, and then instigate you to take parents mobile phone.The essence of helping you unfreeze has two, one is to obtain personal information, such as parents’ identity information, bank card account number, etc., to trick you into “taking the initiative” to hand over these information to the cheater.The other is to brush your bank card, credit card, seek money.In this case, the swindlers chose young children and prevented them from telling their parents, otherwise the thaw would fail.This is the third step of the scam.Step 4: Step by step guidance, let you take the parents’ mobile phone to remove.If you are really so obedient, taking a mobile phone according to the instructions of the cheater to remove, parents’ money, and even the savings of many years in the home can not cough up……Fortunately, the consulting partner usually watches our anti-fraud propaganda, reacts and asks us about the authenticity of the event, otherwise it will be a tearless ending.Above routine, many are they have repeatedly used the deception.In fact, as long as you polish your eyes, calm down, do not ask the police, we will be able to jump out of this cycle!1. The public security organs will not handle cases by telephone, fax, QQ and other forms. It reminds the general public that when they encounter such fraud, they should dial 110 or go to the local public security organs for consultation, and do not easily remit money, transfer money, provide verification code and other relevant operations.If you are told that you are involved in a case investigation, you should immediately recall whether you are involved in such disputes or cases recently. If not, it is probably a fraud call.2, if the public security organs ask you to cooperate with the investigation, will let you go to the public security organs to assist the investigation, not in the phone threat, intimidation of the public, will not say that do not cooperate to be arrested, if there is the above threatening behavior is 100% fraud phone.3, public security organs do not have the so-called national security account, if the telephone request to forward or remittance, then 200% is fraud phone, a word: money hanging.Important things say three times, network handling cases, telephone handling cases are cheaters!Network handles a case, telephone handles a case is cheater!Network handles a case, telephone handles a case is cheater!Image capture materials | | network zhejiang Internet police to edit | ZhangZhiNan reproduced from the bureau of the Ministry of Public Security may be WeChat public number