Distribution and characteristics of commodity grain agriculture, rice planting and pasture husbandry

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The main distribution places and characteristics of agricultural regional types (according to the analysis of agricultural location factors, remember the main characteristics of the agriculture.)Agricultural region type is a relatively stable dynamic complex of agricultural region with certain agricultural structure, management system and production characteristics.It is an agricultural production system with relatively stable production characteristics formed in a certain area and composed of spatial combination by basic regional units when agricultural production process has developed to a certain stage with close technical, economic and regional constraints.Distribution of commodity grain agriculture Distribution of commodity grain agriculture: Newly developed areas in developed and developing countries.Mainly distributed in the central United States, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries and China’s northeast, northwest regions.Characteristics: the cultivated land area is vast and the production scale is large;High degree of mechanization, energy consumption;Management mode is relatively extensive, the price of agricultural products is low, commodity rate is very high.Main agricultural products: wheat and corn.Distribution of rice cultivation Main distribution of rice cultivation: East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia with abundant rainfall;Characteristics of the lower Mississippi River region of the United States and the northern part of South America: small-scale farming, small scale of production, intensive farming, large labor input, high yield per unit area, low level of mechanization, low commodity rate, large amount of water conservancy project main agricultural product: rice.Location advantages: high temperature and rainy climate, flat terrain, abundant labor force and rich planting experience.Developing agricultural products series processing industry;Shift agricultural production from subsistence economy to commodity production;Increase investment in science and technology to develop high-quality and efficient agriculture Ranching distribution Ranching Distribution ranching: a type of agricultural area for large-scale commercial livestock production.This kind of agriculture is often distributed in arid and semi-arid climate areas with sparse population and grassland vegetation on the surface, thus forming the agricultural regional type of ranching.Main distribution: The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa and other countries and regions.Production characteristics: high commodity rate, large production scale, good economic benefits, high degree of specialization.# knowledge sharing ##2021 College Entrance Examination Division ## Agricultural knowledge sharing ## Agricultural regional types #