Fire inspection, garbage classification guard……Xueyuan Road street extensive pre-festival environmental remediation work

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In order to put an end to safety risks and give residents a clean and comfortable living environment, 768 factory community of Xueyuan Road street has carried out special cleaning and renovation activities on the residential corridor under its jurisdiction.The key point of this cleaning is to completely clean up the safety hidden dangers such as the pile up of blocked and obstructed things in the corridor.Community staff and building chief, resident volunteers on the corridor stored in the old furniture, cardboard boxes, small tanks, as well as in the corridor wall nail shoe cabinets and other invasion of the fire passage items for cleaning, to ensure the unblocked corridor fire passage, but also for residents to create a good corridor health environment.On January 25, the residential committee of East Wangzhuang Community and Ewen ‘an Property company carried out a joint fire safety inspection before the Spring Festival.The activity focused on the inspection of flammable and dangerous goods accumulation areas in the community.During the inspection, the inspection team told residents to clean up inflammable and dangerous goods as soon as possible and eliminate fire safety hazards.At the same time, the phenomenon of electric bicycle flying line charging is discouraged, and residents are guided to the nearest charging pile to avoid fire caused by electric bicycle.The inspection has been the active cooperation of community residents, so that we enhance the awareness of fire safety during the Spring Festival, eliminate fire safety hazards, to create a safe and harmonious festival atmosphere laid the foundation.New community volunteers to carry out the “small widening hand” barrel before unattended activities to enhance the environmental awareness of the teenagers, further standardize the garbage classification, January 24, xueyuan road street new community volunteers continue to conduct youth volunteers to participate in “the unattended barrels” garbage sorting volunteer service activities, a total of 11 youth volunteers to participate in activities on the day.In the activity, young volunteers wore green armbands and took duty at the garbage bin station in Zhixin community, urging residents to put kitchen waste correctly and assisting residents to further practice garbage sorting.This activity further increased the attention and sense of responsibility of the local teenagers to environmental protection, and advocated that the teenagers should start from me and start from now to lead their parents and families to achieve garbage classification, so as to contribute their own strength to the construction of a more beautiful and harmonious community.On the afternoon of January 25th, Yicheng Community, Xueyuan Road Street, launched the 2022 winter vacation social practice activity for teenagers — the end of the month cleaning Day.Under the leadership of community residents and accompanied by parents, young volunteers picked up tongs and environmental bags to pick up white trash and cigarette butts.Many parents have said, “our community cleaning activities do very good, white garbage is much less.”As the Spring Festival approaches, under the leadership and support of the Party Working Committee and office on Xueyuan Road,Beijing Language and Culture University community has carried out year-end condolence activities for disadvantaged Party members, building chiefs, resident representatives, volunteers, families of disabled persons with difficulties, families with special support, socialized retirees with difficulties, families on subsistence allowances, people without military registration, people who have retired from land, special care providers, families of military martyrs, elderly people and other groups.In the condolence, the community staff inquired about the living conditions and physical conditions of the interviewees in detail, talked home with everyone kindly and asked everyone to take good care of their health, and reported to the community in time if they had difficulties.Residents expressed their gratitude.Beijing language and culture university communities will all kinds of sympathy supplies sent to the hands of residents, the sympathy population of more than 300 people, activities of both community for the long stair-door, representatives of local residents, thanks to the volunteers, but also make life difficult, party members and ordinary people truly feel the warmth of the community, the party and the government’s concern, further strengthened, and masses relationship between the party and the masses,Received very good social effect, created a good festival atmosphere.On January 25, the Party Committee, neighborhood committee and civilization Practice Station of the New Era of Petroleum College community held a year-end summary and exchange activity themed “Reviewing the glorious history of one hundred years and building a civilized and harmonious community”.The activity invited veteran party members vanguard, zhanqi Party branch, oil courtyard civilization persuasion team and other volunteers to participate.The event was presided over by Zhang Tengyu, secretary of the Community Party Committee.Activities, Zhang Tengyu for community one year work summary report, focused on the founding in one hundred celebrations, learning history of the party atmosphere and community outbreak, to create civilized city, garbage classification, v. namely office, media events, and gain honor, etc., and lead us to review the hardships and achievements of community work for a year.The volunteers who participated in the conference were all “familiar faces” and “old acquaintances”, as well as the “backbone” of the community.At the end of the year, we gathered together in a warm and cheerful atmosphere. Applause broke out from time to time, showing the elegant demeanor of the community family.Volunteers also contribute ideas and suggestions, and actively put forward problems, experiences and good ideas in daily work to participate in the planning and construction of the community.At the meeting, Zhang tengyu also made prospects and plans for the work in 2022.The year 2022 has already started. With such an active, progressive and hard-working volunteer team, the petroleum Compound Community will bring strong power to the work of the community in 2022.