How do Malaysians celebrate Chinese New Year?Listen to yunnan nationalities university teacher how to say

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Lin Shanwen, from Malaysia, is a Malay language teacher at Yunnan Minzu University.She has been in China for six or seven years. China is her second home.She said she especially liked kunming, a city with a pleasant climate and picturesque scenery.Here, she and students forged a deep love between teachers and students.Her students have sent her a pair of embroidered shoes, is the student’s grandmother sewing stitch, stitch is her blessing.She said she treasured the embroidered shoes.”In Malaysia, local Chinese also celebrate Chinese New Year and fish raw fish.At the dinner table, people gather around the table and use chopsticks to scoop up fish, ingredients and sauces.The higher you get, the higher you get.”Today, Mr. Lin also wrote a couplet, I wish you all a happy New Year and all the best.Editor: Jiang Yuwei Editor: Zhao Xiaoqiang