How much did it cost to overhaul the Gearbox of Nissan Sylphy CVT?

2022-05-04 0 By

Since the video said overhaul nissan Xuan YI CVT gearbox, there are often asked me how much money spent?Scorched repair list out today, you see by yourself, a total of five thousand yuan, remove the electronic fan six hundred pieces not gearbox, all down the actual transmission of 4400 yuan, what pressure cylinder, steel tape, disc, clutch and filter two, gearbox oil changed, plus artificial cost, only the oil pump and differential don’t change.In fact, overhauled CVT gearbox is not troublesome. Under normal use, that is, the pressure cylinder is severely worn, resulting in pressure relief, slipping, acceleration without passage, different degrees of setbacks, and even abnormal sound in reverse gear, and the steel belt is broken.Nissan CVT gearbox, the starting brake should not be too hard, Buddha system driving the best, the best 50,000km to change the gearbox oil, do not run to 100,000 for oil, oil change with gravity, there is no need to cycle oil change, cycle oil change needs twice the oil, and gravity change, my Xuan Yi six liters is enough, the press has seven liters is also enough,Remove the oil pan and clean the iron dust adsorbed by the magnet, and the external paper filter must be replaced!I would like to tell the drivers that the structure of the CVT gearbox is very simple, not mysterious, and the driving is smooth. People of my age like the CVT especially, because it is smooth.It’s also great for ride-hailing.Thank you for your attention!You are welcome to leave your comments.