Lego 10299 Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is rumored to be the eighth largest set of all time

2022-05-04 0 By

Following previous reports about lego’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium, there are now rumors that it may soon debut as the eighth largest set of all time.According to Instagram user Brick_Clicker, the 10299 Santiago Bernabeu stadium is scheduled to launch on March 1 for $349.99, which could make it one of the largest models ever made.The name of the rumored model matches the name of the Real Madrid stadium in Spain, which is currently undergoing an extensive renovation scheduled for completion later this year.Lego’s mammoth stadium kit is no stranger, having previously released 10272 For Old Trafford and 10284 for Camp Nou — FC Barcelona.But if the rumor of 5,876 particles is true, then 10,299 Santiago Bernabeu could be the largest of these stadiums, only slightly less than 10,256 taj Mahal in history.But these are just rumors, so be careful until the Lego Group makes an official announcement.