National fitness year!Hainan Sports New Year visit lingshui and Tunchang

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New client, the south China sea network, hainan south metropolis daily news (reporter Chen Wang) on February 16, in order to further enrich people holiday life style, carry forward the new era, advocating civilized and healthy way of life, play sports livelihood, Yang vital qi, the positive role in promoting consumption, to create a “resistance to disease and healthy Chinese New Year work” festal atmosphere,The 2022 National Fitness activities of Hainan Sports University New Year’s Greetings will be staged in lingshui and Tunchang from February 14th to 15th respectively.Hainan Sports New Year visit lingshui.Organizers offer a New Year’s greeting to Hainan Sports University in Lingshui.According to the organizers for the picture, “sports New Year” after years of continuous development, has become popular with the masses of people like the national fitness brand activities.This year’s event was held during the Beijing Winter Olympics, which fully demonstrated the strong atmosphere of hainan people welcoming and supporting the Winter Olympics, and greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the people to participate in national fitness.This year’s “Great New Year’s Greetings through Sports” activities took various forms and were very lively.The “national style” full dragon and lion dance, gentle stretch fitness yoga, passionate Latin dance and Chinese martial arts fitness qigong and other wonderful fitness show won the audience’s applause.Rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, “golden Chicken independent” and other interesting sports interactive games, let the crowd move, praise.Hainan Sports New Year greetings into Tunchang.Organizers for hainan Sports New Year’s greetings into Tunchang.Organizers for this year’s “big New Year’s Greetings to Sports” respectively in Lingshui, Tunchang set up the main venue, the two places according to the local characteristics of many wonderful programs.Lingshui main hall original hip-hop show “Homecoming”, dynamic drum set “Inspire China” and so on left a deep impression on the audience.Tunchang main venue “Sense of The Times” “Together for the future” and other programs, for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Hainan Sports New Year greetings into Tunchang.Huang Wenwen, president of the lingshui Hip-hop Dance Association, the organizer, said, “The stage of ‘Big New Year’s Greetings from Sports’ enables more people to see the diversity of Lingshui’s cultural and sports programs.This “homecoming” is specially designed for the “Big New Year’s greetings in sports” program, there are a lot of primary and middle school students to participate in the event, I hope to attract more people to participate in hip-hop and national fitness.”Big happy New Year “” sports activity is tour of hainan province wen hall held each year during the spring Lantern Festival brand of mass sports activities, through the sports in cities and counties, delivering happiness to the people at the grass-roots level side, passing on the national fitness and health concept widely, make the people really realize the sports bring health and happiness,At the same time to send sports to the countryside in the form of the province to the masses.Hainan Sports New Year visit lingshui.Organizers offer a New Year’s greeting to Hainan Sports University in Lingshui.This event is organized by Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports, Tunchang County People’s Government, Lingshui Li Autonomous County people’s Government.