New Year creates “new life”!Baoshan this micro film by doctors and patients emotional interpretation

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At the beginning of the New Year, a micro film called Vita Nuova brings you into the real recovery process of patients.The film is performed by the patients, their families and the medical team, with a song “Light” as the background music, showing the patients from the initial depression, despair and finally successful recovery, return to society, to the light of the heart process.Patient Xiao Tian is 21 years old, originally studied in Nanjing University computer major.However, just half a year into the school, Xiao Tian suddenly burst a cerebrovascular aneurysm, in the hospital treatment for nearly 40 days before waking up.Due to his serious condition, many local hospitals could not carry out rehabilitation treatment, so his parents quit their jobs and came to Shanghai with Xiao Tian for treatment.At the time of admission, Xiao Tian’s condition was very bad, with complete paralysis on the right side of his body, cognitive impairment and slurred speech.After being admitted to the Neurological Rehabilitation Department of Shanghai Second Rehabilitation Hospital, the patient was comprehensively evaluated at the first time and a personalized rehabilitation treatment plan was developed.With the promotion of comprehensive rehabilitation, different departments of exercise therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, traditional Chinese medicine therapy and physical factor therapy are cooperating with each other.Xiao Tian is also making progress day by day. In just one week, Xiao Tian’s right limb can be slowly lifted and his voice can also be issued. The rehabilitation team has readjust the rehabilitation treatment plan according to xiao Tian’s actual progress.On the basis of the original manual training, the application of electric bed, limb linkage, isokinetic equipment, lower limb robot, balance system, sky rail weight loss gait instrument and other instruments and means are added.After half a year’s hard work, Xiao Tian has recovered very well. She can speak clearly, express fluently, walk normally and jump freely, which is completely beyond the expectation of her family when they were first admitted to hospital.In the following year, erkang medical volunteer team still kept in touch with Xiao Tian and gave her home rehabilitation guidance.Over the phone, Xiao Tian would happily mention his current situation, saying that he had learned to ride a battery bike, signed up for a driver’s license, and gradually picked up college courses and prepared to go back to school.Before 2022, Xiao Tian will return to Erkang for a comprehensive evaluation and advanced training, making a final sprint to return to college in March this year.During his stay in the hospital, he became an ambassador of love and actively spread love, telling patients about his experience, hoping to bring hope and strength to more people.The New Year, xiao Tian ushered in a new life, coruscate life out of new brilliance.Perhaps Xiao Tian is only a small miniature of many patients who have recovered, but love and hope have been continuing here……Source: Baoshan, Shanghai