TES left hand confirmed Ueno Suke to change, the new auxiliary identity was dug out, 369 words meaningful

2022-05-04 0 By

Currently league of Legends TES team in the LPL standings in the 11th, was dubbed by netizens as the “east first”, ranking the lower teams are basically rotten fish rotten shrimp, can enter the playoffs are thank god.TES had a hard time fighting UP and WE, they got beat UP by V5/OMG/RA and couldn’t fight back, the game was so ugly, it feels like the new season is really coming, are they really showing off?TES team why put bad reasons unknown, many fans are convinced that the wild suke too bad pit mariners double C, the club rotation of the starting lineup, the small peng back to small day, and then buy a new assistant!TES’s starting lineup has the entire LPL league looking at it, including opponents who are secretly eating it.Yesterday JDG single toothpaste in the game asked TES left hand: “have you changed the auxiliary?Did you change the small class?Permutations!”Little Class refers to Zoom, toothpaste and Knight from the same town, hence the question.And the left hand also confirmed to replace the news, it seems that TES fans to team success again!In fact, recently netizens have found TES training game began to replace, Zoom and Xiaopeng are gone, it is said that small days to return to the game, sunny and new Wayward competition on the first single, but also more than a mysterious person auxiliary.Later TES new auxiliary identity was dug out, all kinds of evidence points to the former LGD auxiliary Mark, he once did teammates with Xiaopeng, also entered the S10 world competition.That year, Mark beat Sapphire blue in LPL bubble tournament, but his level of world war criminal is the same as that of Young Flower, Titan hook female tank head caused controversy, after the world tournament became a free man.But Mark didn’t seem to find a new team. He stayed with LGD last year and finished last.Now that Mark has come to team TES with Aqua, can he do better than Zhuo?In addition to toothpaste, former teammate 369 also made fun of Left hand: “How do you say?Are you a pautrope?I know!”369’s words speak for themselves; after all, he was Zhuo in TES, so to speak, kicked out of the team by his fans, and ridiculed when he transferred to JDG.As a result, JDG ranks a little higher than TES, 369 out of the cage to become a fun guy, can you really blame him for last year’s team problems?When the starting lineup starts to mix and match, it’s usually a sign that the team has lost, doesn’t know how to win, and has to take a chance, like T1 and IG did before.This time TES large-scale replacement caused a hot discussion, there are fans love Zoom, can not understand why to change the road, is not to say that taobo will open a group on the single is good?Now you’re blaming the Duke hero pool?Some people question Mark’s ability and ask for this kind of support after half a day. The frequent rotation of the competition training team will break the players’ mentality.Some people sigh with emotion TES marketing so long brother LOL, the results of all brothers sitting on the bench cheering, this is too ridiculous!TES is sure to take the field with a new lineup, but will it really change the spirit of the team and bring them back to the top?What do you think about that?Leave a comment and share your thoughts!