The cumulative sales volume of stars with a top match of less than 100,000 exceeded 70,000

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Wuling stars, whose top configuration is less than one hundred thousand, and whose suspension can be adjusted to be soft and hard, have achieved a good sales volume of more than seventy thousand stars shortly after their launch.The Wuling Star was officially launched in mid-September 2021 and has only been on sale for five months so far.In terms of sales data, Wuling Stars basically maintained a stable sales increase. In the first month on the market, the monthly sales volume of this car was close to 10,000 units. In the following October, the monthly sales volume of Wuling Stars was slightly increased, reaching over 10,000 units.After the “Gold Nine silver ten”, the sales data of Wuling Stars did not fall back, but maintained a stable growth. The monthly sales of Wuling Stars in November and December were 15,603 and 19,073 respectively.And in the domestic SUV monthly sales ranking, Wuling Stars in November and December were ranked 16th and 8th respectively.Here, we can also take a brief look at the sales results of other popular SUVs in November and December.For example, Honda Hao Ying sold 16,300 units and 12,857 units in November and December respectively. The sales volume in November was slightly higher than that of Wuling Stars, and it was surpassed by Wuling Stars in December.Another example is Geely Boyue. The monthly sales volume of this car in November and December was 17,312 and 19,048 respectively. Although the sales volume maintained growth, the growth rate was not as high as Wuling Stars, so The Boyue only ranked ninth in the list in December.Now it is March, and each auto company has not announced the sales of its models in February, so we do not know the specific sales data of Wuling Stars in February for the time being.However, wuling officials released another information, that is, the cumulative sales of Wuling Stars has reached 70,000 units.See here, I believe many people also have a question, that is why the Wuling stars sell so well?I think this has something to do with the product power of Wuling Stars.The price of Wuling Star itself is 69,800 to 99,800, which is not very high. It is also the only model of the same level that adopts FSD shock absorber valve system, which enables the car to have the function of adjusting the soft and hard suspension. When driving in different sections, its chassis feedback will be adjusted to adjust the ride comfort.Moreover, wuling Star’s seat is similar to the design of “sofa seat”, which is ergonomic and uses thick seat padding. If the back seat is inverted, it can also be used as a bed.In general, There are many reasons why Wuling Stars can be recognized by the market and consumers.Product power is only one aspect.In fact, the influence of Wuling brand itself and the high quality of Wuling silver standard car have also played a certain role.From the current Wuling stars listed in May sold 70,000 units of the report card, the strength of Wuling stars really can not be underestimated, Chang ‘an, Harvard, Geely these old rivals should refuel.