To provide athletes with the best medical care

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“The Chinese doctors were very professional and warm and gave me very good medical advice. I will tell my teammates and my family in Greece about the wonderful experience.”– The medical support team of the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University for winter Olympics has been working in zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village for one month since a Greek athlete who received medical treatment entered the closed-loop management of the Winter Olympics on January 17.After the Opening of the Winter Olympics, the number of clinic patients gradually increased, forming a small peak, especially foreign athletes and team officials more concentrated in the treatment, we deal with 20 to 30 emergency patients every day.Unlike the average patient in a hospital, many athletes opt for conservative treatment in order to minimize the impact of their injuries on the rest of their games.Before the Opening of the Winter Olympics, we treated a Bulgarian female athlete who had fractured the fourth metatarsal bone of her left foot a few weeks ago. In order to be able to participate in the Winter Olympics as scheduled, she had an intramedullary pin fixed in her home country before going to the Olympics. Shortly after the operation, she participated in training, causing pain around the incision.After a full understanding of the medical history, we found redness and swelling around the incision. We performed routine dressing change for her, and gave her medical advice of reducing exercise, changing dressing every other day and taking oral painkillers, and suggested rehabilitation medical treatment.When we work at the hospital, we normally recommend quiet recovery.In the Olympic Village, what we admire most is that many athletes continue to train after injury or treatment.When we talk with athletes, team doctors and officials, we can also feel that they cherish the opportunity to participate in the Winter Olympics.On the morning of February 13, an Australian female athlete accompanied by the team doctor went to the polyclinic.After a consultation, we learned that the athlete had fractured the fibula of his right calf during training two weeks ago and had come to see him for the race on the same day.After obtaining the consent of the team doctor, we first conducted CT localization of the fracture site, and then carried out skin drawing and skin disinfection according to THE CT image, and completed the local deep site infiltration, anesthesia and pain relief treatment.After witnessing the whole process, the team doctor said to us: “The Chinese doctors in such a short time to complete accurate positioning and local deep part of the pain relief treatment, really amazing!”Our work will continue until the conclusion of the Winter Paralympic Games, and we will do our best to do a good job of polyclinic diagnosis and treatment with more high spirits, so as to provide the best medical security for athletes from all countries.(Interview by Our reporter Chen Yuanqiu and Geng Jianguo)