Trade unions at all levels in Sichuan province have taken various measures to help workers return to work

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Source: zhonggong network based district federation of trade unions issued back employment package zhonggong webex According to sichuan workers daily news, on February 10, in guangyuan city, sichuan province, the district federation of trade unions held a “power to return to work and production enterprise, welcome the worker return employment package issue ceremony”, sympathy happy family (sichuan) household co., LTD., the first line workers employed 116 people.Next, the Federation of Trade Unions in Zhaohua District will strive to be the “mother family” of employees, and continue to carry out online and offline recruitment activities, policies and legal publicity activities, services and rights protection activities, warm packages and other activities to help enterprises resume work and production, and make positive contributions to the economic development of Zhaohua.According to sichuan Workers’ Daily news, on February 11, chengdu Xinjin District Federation of Trade Unions held the first special recruitment fair of 2022 “Spring Breeze Action” in the district human resources market.”This job fair is a special job fair for migrant workers who return to work after the Spring Festival. There are five special areas: enterprise recruitment area, policy publicity area, skills exhibition area, enterprise negotiation area and human resources service area.”Relevant person in charge.The job fair attracted 66 manufacturing, service and new economy enterprises, including NAas, Shifeng Medical And CoFCO, to participate in on-site recruitment, providing 1,792 positions, involving sales, accounting, design, general engineering and other jobs, attracting more than 1,300 people to apply for jobs, and 565 people reached employment intention on site.At the same time, relying on the wechat platform of “Recruitment and employment”, “Xinjin Labor Union” and “Xinjin Employment”, online enterprise recruitment activities are carried out simultaneously to realize the two-way drive of “online + offline” and recruitment service “no closing”.Exhibit in the skill, the organizers invited professional high-quality vocational skills training institutions teachers live show performance Chinese food “carve patterns or designs on woodwork, western dessert,” flower arranging cord skills, such as through the scene view, direct participation, arouse the enthusiasm of labourers to participate in the training, to promote employment, skills up, on-site collection training intend to 164.”We together with the district people’s community and other departments selected business backbone on-site for the masses, enterprises to provide employment and entrepreneurship policy publicity answers, guide the eligible masses and enterprises to declare the corresponding subsidies, enjoy the policy dividend.”According to reports, on the same day, the Xin-jin District Federation of Trade Unions on-site distributed a letter to migrant workers friends, electronic social security card publicity, employment and entrepreneurship policies and other publicity materials more than 6,000 copies.Workers (sichuan daily Zhang Yangwen/chart) bazhong federation of trade unions to carry out the “spring” zhonggong webex staff volunteer service activities According to sichuan workers daily news, February 9, bazhong sichuan bazhong, federation of trade unions in 2022, zhejiang jinhua, chongqing jiangbei, chongqing beibei “four hand in hand, the spring breeze send post” (casc) activities as an opportunity of employment,To carry out the volunteer service activity of “Sending jobs in Spring” in Baren Square, further enhance the social influence of the trade union’s special service of “helping enterprises, stabilizing employment and promoting entrepreneurship”, and build a bridge between recruitment enterprises and job seekers.On the job fair site, the staff volunteers actively provide advice and guidance for the job seekers, assist the recruitment enterprises to register, do a good job in the distribution of employment publicity materials, at the same time, they also distributed more than 3,000 copies of publicity materials such as “Labor Contract Law”, “Work Safety Law”, “Rights protection knowledge” and so on.Patiently explain safety protection, vocational training, legal advice, rights protection services and other relevant knowledge, for the recruitment enterprises and job seekers to promote the recruitment of more excellent talents, to help the city’s high-quality economic and social development.On the same day, more than 100 enterprises participated in the job fair, providing marketing, secretary, housekeeping and other jobs more than 8,000, nearly ten thousand people came to apply for jobs, the scene initially reached employment intentions more than 500 people.According to the Sichuan Workers’ Daily news, on February 10, the “2022 Zhejiang Ruian – South Sichuan East and West Labor Cooperation and Spring Breeze Action” on-site job fair was held at the New Century Square, South County, Nanchong City.The activity was organized by the People’s Government of Nanbu County and Ruian City, and jointly undertaken by the Federation of Trade Unions of Nanbu County, Human and Social Security Bureau of Nanbu County and Ruian Human and Social Security Bureau.This job fair in “spring breeze, warmth of employment, to send the truth” as the theme, by issuing brochures, setting up employment absences are information summary, enterprise JianJiePai, emphatically for their return home, because of the outbreak were stranded migrant workers, migrant workers and hard worker, key support object provide employment information and employment services.During the event, 54 enterprises offered 56 types of more than 3,400 jobs for job seekers to choose from. Nearly 3,000 people consulted and applied for jobs, among which electrician, welder, lathe worker, machine repair and other technical jobs were “sought after” by job seekers.On the spot, 312 people reached employment intention agreement, and more than 4000 copies of various publicity materials were distributed.It is understood that the recruitment activity is “spring breeze action” a hiring activity in the series, “spring breeze action” nanbu county 2022 series of special activities through online recruitment channels, a total of arranged 2 large campus recruitment, 2 games live webcast with recruitment post, four network recruitment and 10 key towns campus recruitment,The campaign is expected to last until the middle of this month.(Song Yangya, Wei Yong) Editor in charge: Yao Yimeng