What is a rake?The key is to solve the problem calmly

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Well, today I know what it is. It’s black Tuesday.What’s going on?Noon off work, I drove a wife to take things in the home, the wife went upstairs to take, I parked the car in the district of the roadside and so on her, I also parked a car in front of the car, along the parking.Suddenly, touch, I saw through the window from behind a car, but also go forward, I busy called him, he just stopped.I said it was all scratched and you left.I was really very angry, a look at such a cold day, and are big New Year’s day, I sank down and said: you see how to do?He said go fix it. Paint it for you.I said go to the 4s shop, he said go to the 4S shop, the car may not come out before the year.I thought so. Let’s just say that.In fact, go to 4S shop repair and other repair shop repair that is two different things, it is not just a matter of car repair, everyone may know, 4S shop repair car how much money, ordinary shop repair car and how much money?And I this is a new car, really very distressed, another car has to come out for several days, my wife and I to work how to do, have to take a taxi, this is a matter.Listen to him this person talk also ok, we also don’t cheat people, that repair repair.Very exasperated is, at this time his car down about 50 years old woman, directly said to me: you this car why parked here, also don’t know to move!Stand on your feet.You say angry, I at that time to tell the truth really want to theory with her, or give down, after all, the youth of the climate has passed.Thought there is no need, noisy also can’t solve the problem, the final or the driver to solve this matter, the weather is cold, and approaching the New Year, are in peace.As people grow older, their tempers change a little bit, and some things are better to be happy. The final result is to solve the problem. If we quarrel at that time, we may just want to be happy, but we still have to fix the car.What do you do when your friends meet you?Has anyone had similar experience?