With trillions of yuan of energy in Shunde, Golden Phoenix Industry and Finance cluster will inject new financial power

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Article/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Ouyang Zhiqiang “the world food capital” “The Chinese folk art hometown” “The Chinese home appliances capital”……In the grand picture of the development of Shunde, which is known as a pioneer of reform, the “Four Tigers of Guangdong” keep writing the legendary story of “the first in the world” and “the first in China”, and also make this water town become the star of the Bay Area attracting national attention.Daliang, as the shining name card of fengcheng and charming Fengcheng, is the political, cultural, educational and commercial center of Shunde, and has ushered in a new financial force.March 16, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Foshan Daliang Branch held the opening ceremony and Supply Chain Finance Forum.Pan Zhuohui, Deputy Director of Financial Work Bureau of Shunde District, Dong Jiemin, Deputy Director of Daliang Sub-district Office of Shunde District, Huang Jihuan, Deputy Director of Daliang Sub-District Economic Development Office of Shunde District, Zhang Yinghao, president of SPD Bank Foshan Branch, Li Hao, President of SPD Bank Foshan Daliang Sub-Branch and other relevant representatives attended the event.The relevant person in charge of big good street, said Shanghai pudong development bank in foshan branch is located in the golden phoenix melting production agglomeration district, shunde industrial cluster, platform, the region has the advantages of the enterprise and financial resources, is based on the side of guangxi Marine harmony ecological town upgrade makes the focus of the platform, will further agglomeration technology and financial elements, pushing forward the innovation of the industrial chain, chain and financial chain fusion development of “three chain”,Support the Trillion market value of Shunde plate, support the high-quality development of Shunde industry.Zhang Yinghao, president of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Foshan Branch, said that foshan Branch, as a secondary branch under Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Guangzhou Branch, was officially opened in January 2010.Since its inception, fully integrated into the main economic township of foshan city, in shunde, zen city, the south China sea heartland deployed nine branches, is focused on the local market main body needs, for the beginner’s mind mission to serve the local economy, serve the masses, with the innovation of financial products, high quality customer service, sound management style, has won wide praise from all walks of life and respect,It has realized the common prosperity of its own development and local economy.Daliang Sub-branch of SPD Bank, located on the first floor of Poly Zhonghui Garden, Daliangguan Green Road, Shunde District, Foshan city, is an important strategic measure of SPD Bank to further optimize and improve the layout of regional institutions in Foshan, as well as to serve the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, give full play to the comprehensive financial strength and help the high-quality development of Foshan.In recent years, Foshan Branch of SPD Bank has promoted the continuous implementation of key projects and launched “digital loan” products to support the pace of foshan manufacturing transformation.Further deepen the cooperation with the leading manufacturing industry, its industrial chain and ecological circle;We will actively build the characteristic business brand of “investment bank + private bank”, provide professional, personalized and differentiated all-round financial services for our customers, and comprehensively improve the capability of the new development pattern of financial services.Huang Jihuan, deputy director of Daliang Sub-district Economic Development Office in Shunde District, said that SPD Bank, as a high-quality commercial bank from Yangtze River Delta, has been deeply engaged in the field of financial service innovation for many years. The arrival of SPD Bank will surely deliver advanced experience and inject innovation vitality for the development of Daliang capital market in Shunde.In the next step, Daliang Street will continue to deepen the cooperation between government, banks and enterprises, vigorously develop the working mode of financial empowerment and resource coordination, and deeply cultivate the fertile soil for high-quality development of enterprises.Shanghai pudong development bank in foshan branch will be opened for the new starting point, and at all levels of government, under the guidance of regulators, constantly enhance the level of financial services, to focus on local market main body needs to provide financial services for the local government and the masses of customers, build ecosystem silver enterprise cooperation, and economic transformation in foshan and win new opportunities in the tide of enterprise development,Strive to become the vanguard of the high-quality development of the financial industry in the new era, and make positive contributions to the “14th Five-year plan” high-quality development of Foshan.Source | yangcheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Zhang Degang