Work sleepy!Health signs to watch out for

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Return to work after the Spring Festival, many people have the same feeling that is “trapped” clearly enough eight hours’ sleep the night before the second day still groggy and tired here remind parents time have such feeling sleepy should pay attention to frequently sleepiness during the day may be the health of the body signals behind four sleepy health 1 feel sleepy after a meal:If you eat high protein food, greasy food and food containing too much white starch in the meal, it will be easy to make people feel tired.In addition, if the body does not exercise, blood circulation will be affected, so blood sugar control will decrease.Suggestions: 1. Properly reduce the amount of starch staple food when eating, it is suggested to replace refined grains with coarse grains;2. Eat more green vegetables and legumes;3. Exercise one hour after a meal, such as walking.2. Sleepy at work: be careful of chronic inflammation in the office building air circulation is not smooth, plus smoke, pollen, mold and other allergens are easy to accumulate.Fatigue can also occur when the immune system is chronically stimulated, which can lead to chronic inflammation.Suggestion: 1. Adjust the indoor humidity;2. Clean the office frequently to avoid dust accumulation;3. Drink plenty of water.3 study sleepiness: caution is a conditioned reflex if you continue to study in the state of fatigue, the body will be prone to sleepiness because of fatigue.If this happens often enough, it can lead to a reflex that makes you feel sleepy when you pick up a book.Advice: 1. Don’t read immediately after eating.2. Don’t read when you are sleepy;3. Don’t read while lying down.4. Driving sleepy: be careful because poor sleep at night often appear driving sleepy, inattention, and sleep at night snoring, breathing irregular people, need to exclude sleep apnea syndrome.Suggestions: 1. Avoid traveling late at night;2. Avoid driving around 3 p.m.3. It is recommended to lower the temperature of the car when driving for a long time.Rhinitis can cause a blockage in breathing, leading to a lack of oxygen to the brain, leading to sleepiness.If left untreated, rhinitis can also lead to sleep apnea syndrome, in which patients are deprived of oxygen during sleep.2 be careful is anaemia fatigue is tired sleepy is one of anaemia common symptom, still may accompany giddy have a headache, tinnitus giddy, attention is not concentrated wait for a symptom even, suggest patient had better do a blood routine to the hospital detect, make clear diagnosis.3 be careful is hypothyroidism does not have enough thyroid hormone, will be depressed, do not raise the spirit, feel no enthusiasm for work, especially will feel sleepy.4 Be careful that the blood is thick in the elderly if sleepy, it may be a series of problems caused by blood viscosity, blood viscosity is very high, blood flow speed will be significantly slow, this time may cause insufficient blood supply of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, easy to fall asleep.Heart disease causes poor blood circulation, and metabolic waste products accumulate in tissues, stimulating nerve endings and making people feel tired.If have unwell suggestion check electrocardiogram and heart color ultrasound etc.6 beware is the person with high blood fat high blood fat can often feel dizziness headache, chest stuffy short, sleep is not good, easy to forget things;Hands and feet easily numb, heavy;Early morning head is not clear, after breakfast can be improved, afternoon is very sleepy, but very clear at night.4 Health Signs behind Sleepiness 1. Post-meal sleepiness: Be careful it’s your blood sugar 2.Sleepiness at work: Careful is chronic inflammation 3. Sleepiness at study: Careful is conditioned 4. Sleepiness at drive: Careful is poor sleep at night Sleepiness during the day may indicate these 6 diseases 1.Rhinitis 2 anemia 3 hypothyroidism 4 blood stickiness 5 heart problems 6 high blood lipids