Yu Shuxin arrived in Shanghai for a massage, wearing sunglasses at night

2022-05-04 0 By

Recently, Yu Shuxin participated in the recording of a ski variety broadcast.A few days ago, Yu shuxin posted a selfie of the ski resort on her social media platform, with the caption: “Get up where you fall. Your butt hurts.Fans were stunned with laughter.Recently, Yuan Fangshu saw Yu Shuxin in Shanghai.On the same day, Yu shuxin arrived at the airport, wearing sunglasses as an artist.She walked out of the VIP aisle with her staff and left in a car.Soon after, the party arrived at a massage shop.After getting off the bus, Yu shuxin entered with the staff.Yu shuxin walked out of the massage shop wearing a black mask at around 11 p.m., got into the car and left.