0-2!China’s national football team was again zero, seven rounds only 5 points, basically out of the World Cup, but there is a chance of survival

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China lost 2-0 to Japan in the seventh round of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Qualifier Asian Zone.In fact, for this game, the national football team is expected to lose early things, just lose the number of ball problem.The scene of the game did not change because of the change of coach, but was still in a hurry to close down in the face of high position, like the “set piece” and “defensive counterattack” proposed before the game, was completely unable to play.In the game, even though the backcourt lost the ball, it could not form an effective counter-attack in the face of the Japanese front line.Since they can not form an attack, can not attack into the other half of the court, and how to effective set-pieces and corner kick opportunities.It was obvious that China could not score the away goal, after all, China had only two shots on goal in the game, wu Xi’s long shot from outside the penalty area and Wei Shihao’s free kick, but they could not threaten Japan goalkeeper Shuichi Kwon, as both shots were wide and none of them hit the target.Even some fans joked: The weather is really afraid of the Japanese goalkeeper in the back of the cold.In China’s last game against Japan, Shuichi Kwon was rarely seen on camera, and he remained so in the second leg.Of course, every time after the national football team lost, it is still the link to calculate the points for the National football team, then whether the National football team has the chance to qualify?Is it really out of the picture?In Group B, Saudi Arabia top the group with 16 points after the seventh round of the round of 12, with a game less (at press time). Japan are second with 15 points after their victory over China, while Australia are third with 14 points for the play-off.China ranked fifth in the group with five points.With three rounds remaining, China will face Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Oman.If China wins all three games, it will have 14 points, the same as Australia after seven rounds.This means that as long as Australia lose to Oman, Japan and Saudi Arabia in the next three rounds, China will be in the play-offs.Many fans here will ask: the same 14 points, but Australia still beat China 3-0.In fact, the rules of the world preliminary match are somewhat different from the league. In the case of two teams with the same score, the goal difference is compared, and then the total number of goals is compared, and then the relationship between the winner and the winner of the match is also compared.So if the hypothesis is true, let’s apply it to the actual situation.After seven rounds, Australia’s goal difference is +9, China’s is -6, and the two teams are separated by another 15 goals.If Australia were to lose the next three games, all 3-0, their goal difference would be zero.If the team’s last three rounds of the game is played A 3-0 score, the team’s in the most general to + 3, will be back to Australia in the league, with third place in group, will take place and the third group A game, the winner will be play-offs and South American team, the final winner won the World Cup in Qatar.Of course, this is only theoretical (if any, it’s purely coincidental).