China U23 or revenge Vietnam team!China is the weakest team, what can they play?Need approval

2022-05-05 0 By

After China’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam, from the “shot” players, up to the General Administration of Sports, down to the Football association, and then to the current situation of Chinese football, there are insults, in fact, also reflection.The incident of Wu xi eating sea cucumber was further amplified and became a lightning bolt for Chinese fans and media.The contrast between China’s Asian Women’s Cup victory and its loss to Vietnam was particularly striking, leading many to call for equal pay for women’s and men’s football.In fact, this is unrealistic, because as the number one sport in the world, the influence of men’s and women’s football itself has a big gap.So, don’t expect women’s football to save Chinese football, it won’t.But now, China’s U23 team has a chance to take revenge on Vietnam in the UAE Junior Invitational tournament.According to madexin’s release, the UAE established a “Youth Football Invitational tournament” in 2017, once again inviting the NATIONAL FOOTBALL team U23 to participate.There are eight teams, China, united Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Croatia.From the actual strength of afore-mentioned 8 teams, the actual strength of trade like China team is the worst now.Whether China’s U23 team will participate in the tournament is still awaiting approval from the relevant authorities.Earlier, China’s U23 team abandoned the Asian U23 Cup qualifier, citing the need for epidemic prevention and control.However, the Chinese national football team also went to West Asia to play in the round of 12, so this reason is a bit far-fetched.If you look at the age group of 1999, there are very few outstanding players, so if you look at this age group and you play in the Asian Under-23 Cup, you probably won’t do well.Therefore, I am not very confident that the relevant authorities can approve this event.It is worth mentioning that, in addition to China and Croatia, in fact, six teams are participating in the Asian Cup finals of the team, and in late March kicked off this tournament, to the above six teams exercise value is very great.Of course, it is also of great training value to The Chinese team, because the National FOOTBALL TEAM U23 is currently preparing for the hangzhou Asian Games in 2023, so this tournament is of great training value to the team.However, it is uncertain whether the relevant departments will consider it that way.If China’s U23 team takes part in the tournament, they will have a good chance to meet Vietnam, which is also the best chance to avenge China’s senior national team.However, considering the strength of the two teams and the fact that Vietnam’s U23 team was the SAME U20 team three years ago, which almost impressed many people in the Asian Championship, it is even more difficult for China’s NATIONAL TEAM to beat this team than Vietnam’s senior national team.