Lantu Dreamers will open pre-orders on April 7th, will the half-price “Relafa” knock GL8 off its pedestal?

2022-05-05 0 By

Up to now, the domestic high-end MPV market has been in a blank stage, with few selling for more than 300,000 yuan.Since most business receptions at this level pay more attention to vanity projects, and joint venture models such as GL8, Odyssey, Senna and Alfa almost occupy the MPV market of this level, domestic mainstream car companies still focus on entry level MPV models of 100,000 yuan, such as Geely Jiajie, BYD Song MAX, etc.In recent years, new cars like SAIC Roewe IMAX8 and M6 began to explore the 200,000-level mid-end MPV market.For the high-end MPV market, the domestic brand’s approach is more to achieve the curve overtaking in the new energy field, after all, the traditional fuel MPV market has basically formed a foregone conclusion.Although brought g, WEY, and the red flag of domestic brands have been exposed high-end MPV road test, but the fastest action is dongfeng’s high-end brand haze figure, first a high-end MPV models dreamer is about to open to booking, then the car actually have net friend say beating lexus LM’s strength, we take a look at aspects of appearance:Dreamer overall design will reflect luxury incisively and vividly!The front face is designed with large size straight waterfall, and the interior is vertically decorated with chrome.The sharp willow leaf LED light sets on both sides are connected together by the through-through light belt, which is very tight as a whole.The whole front face is full of thick feeling, very aggressive, the aura is not lost lexus LM.Side part: the length, width and height of the new car are 5315/1980/1810mm, the wheelbase is 3200mm, and the positioning is medium and large luxury MPV. The whole side is very slender, and the lines are smooth enough, coupled with the suspension roof design, the whole looks very dynamic.The upper part of the window and the lower part are decorated with silver chrome trim, echoing from top to bottom, making the whole look more powerful.Tail design is relatively conservative, the overall standard.The LED taillight group is composed of L-shaped light belt, which is highly recognizable after lighting. Meanwhile, chrome trim on the side side window edge extends to the tail, and a silver chrome design is added to the rear bumper. The overall exquisite feeling is good.Interior: The new car’s large screen design is very eye-catching, consisting of three 12.3-inch screens, equipped with 5G network, and support for OTA online upgrade.At the same time, the new car in the interior of the overall color, materials and workmanship, and other aspects are quite elegant, are completely follow the luxury MPV standard to build, quite a bit of yacht interior both visual sense.The new car will also build a variety of intelligent cockpit modes according to the actual use scenarios of users, to meet the needs of meetings, rest, going out, family travel and other scenarios. As a high-end MPV model of “IKEA Appropriate Business”, it is very humanized.Power: Lantu Dreamers will provide pure electric and extended range hybrid two power versions, which only provide extended range version at the initial stage of the market, the range extender is 1.5T engine, the maximum power of front and rear double motors is 130 kw and 160 kW respectively, the suspension structure is front double fork arm and rear multi-link independent suspension.The pre-sale of the new car will be officially launched on April 7th. Due to the epidemic and other reasons, the official launch time of the new car will be delayed. The pre-sale price of the new car may start from 350,000 yuan.Welcome to the comments section.