Mold pats: appearance level tall long legs auto show girl, devil figure angel face, let a person linger

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1, the development of car model when we recall the history of car model, 1391 model (model or hemp bean) the word appeared in France, 1845 the world’s first female model, 1886 German Karl Benz and Daimler hair clear car in the future, the model will unknowingly and car connections together.2, the role of the car model in the fledgling era of the car, at that time the auto show models to the audience to popularize the car knowledge, show the car function.After the era of sexy car model 50, the world full of waste burst out unprecedented power and enthusiasm.The same energy and euphoria pervaded the auto shows.A word explanation: sexy female model becomes agency people the magic weapon that attracts customer.4, car models show their beginning to show long legs, wear the most popular clothing, hot the most cool hair, and even in a variety of posture or sitting, or lying, to show people the most advanced models of the time.Beauty model auto show always without beauty, fragrant car has a car model foil to attract more attention!As the southern city of Guangzhou auto show in China, naturally bred a large number of southern beauty models.And the guangzhou auto show models, compared to the north model hot sexy posture, more pure royal sister style.Whether it is elegant or beloved, each of them can be called the eye-catching device on the booth, and even more than the leading model.6, fashion car model with the function of the fashion industry in recent years, the auto show on many of the main field and modified sports brands, have begun to pay attention to models to wear to highlight the function of the fan.Picturesque eyebrows picturesque eyebrows, lips and teeth smiling.The smiling face of this beautiful sister easily attracts people.I know. You definitely want to buy a car just by looking at this little sister.National beauty body share is very beautiful beauty of the auto show!Are we tempted by a simple form-fitting dress that sets off her figure?In the auto show, all kinds of beauty in front of the camera.Dignified, stylish surface, more attractive than a car.Today, follow xiaobian to take a look at South Korea’s auto show models, wear a hip skirt, play the charm of the royal sister goddess, there is a kind of unattainable noble beauty fan.Since then, car civilization has spiralled out of control, and all kinds of dry lulu have become the leading role of the auto show.Up to now, the history of car models in western countries has reached one hundred years, and the domestic auto show turned into meat exhibition led to the hard cancellation, perhaps this shows a clear problem: the rapid development of cars in China, perhaps because of the lack of mature car civilization, let the car model back to the appropriate position, it still needs some time.