Shanxi Disabled persons’ Federation conducted research and guidance on nursing services for the disabled in Xiaoyi

2022-05-05 0 By

On February 17, Bao Xuiguo, director of the education and Employment Department of the provincial Federation of Disabled persons, led members in charge of the federation of disabled persons from various counties and urban areas in Luliang to come to our city to investigate and guide the care services for the disabled.Accompanied by Vice Mayor Yang Fengming.By the end of 2021, there are 11,000 certified disabled persons in Xiaoyi city.To practically solve the intelligence, mental and severe limb disabled foster problem, ease the disabled family in long-term care, rehabilitation, employment, etc undertake great pressure and difficulties, municipal disabled persons’ federation SAR, efforts to innovation, through the “four”, “three”, strive to build a multi-level, foster a service system for the disabled, rising foster service level for the disabled.Up to now, a total of 860 disabled people have been served, covering 16 towns and townships (streets), achieving the social effect of “supporting one person, liberating the whole family and benefiting one person”.The research group visited the municipal children’s Hospital, inspected the training programs of rehabilitation treatment for children on site, learned about the basic situation of rehabilitation treatment and home care services for disabled children in Zhuhai, and held a symposium to exchange and discuss the related situation of nursing services for disabled people.Investigators believe that xiaoyi lottery ticket public welfare fund as a province foster service programs for the disabled, one of the pioneer city in foster services for the disabled has achieved fruitful results, produced a good social benefits, formed the foster service provide for the disabled in good situation, set a benchmark to the entire province foster service for disabled persons, play the demonstration leading role.I hope xiaoyi city can continue to make efforts, for a long time, in the promotion of good, good maintenance of the bright spot work, constantly improve the quality of care services, summarize the experience and lessons obtained in practice, constantly self-renewal, do a good job in the bright spot publicity work, improve social benefits, let the bright spot more bright, better advantages.We should explore new ways of thinking, adopt multiple measures and actively explore the employment of persons with disabilities, improve their quality of life, solve their worries, and push the work of the DISABLED persons’ Federation to a new level.[Editor: Bai Lihong] Yellow River News network Yellow River news Network Luliang channel Shanxi Provincial Party committee social situation public opinion channel