Taizhou some popular school district housing straight down 110,000!In 24 hours, there were 17 discounted listings

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The rise of housing prices has always been an important indicator to reflect the heat of the market, and it is also a topic of great concern to buyers.But now, jin SAN Yin 4 is coming, Taizhou new house market action frequently, second-hand housing market is also turbulent tide.Today, I found in Zhuge house search, in the last 24 hours, as many as 17 discounted houses, some landlords directly reduced 110,000, 50,000;The price of the house is 8, but even if some landlords raise the price by 110,000, 10,000, it is still lower than the average listing price!I can’t carry!Hot school district housing prices 110,000, 50,000……Mention price reduction, first to look at taizhou hot plate.Among the 17 houses that will be reduced this time, the biggest one comes from the south area of the city. It is a high-rise house in The First City of Donggrun. It is in the middle floor (a total of 11 floors), covering an area of about 112 square meters, with three bedrooms, two bedrooms and one bath.It is worth noting that the community is not only located within the teaching range of Fenghuang Primary School and the provincial attached high school, but also relatively close to the school.The current price of this house is 1.83 million, the listing unit price is 16329 yuan /㎡, the average listing price of the community is 17585 yuan /㎡.From the housing price time machine, the house was listed for the first time on October 20 last year, and now nearly four months later, it has dropped by 110,000 yuan, indicating that the landlord is eager to sell.Not only that, located in the east area of a second-hand house shimao bright, about 97 square meters, low floor (a total of 18 floors), three rooms, one hall, one bathroom, blank state, and the east of the city primary school and two attached to the teaching range.The current quotation is 1.75 million, the listing unit price is 17949 yuan /㎡, and the average listing price of the residential area is 21435 yuan /㎡.Although the decline of this house is not large, but since the first listing in December last year, every month has maintained a reduction of 50,000, the current offer compared with the original reduction of 100,000.In addition, it is located in Taizhou Experimental Primary School and the secondary school attached to Taizhou. It is a small apartment from Lianhua District no. 4, with an area of about 76 square meters. It has two bedrooms, two halls, one bath and a high floor (6 floors in total).Now, the house price of 1.28 million, equivalent to the unit price of 16842 yuan /㎡, lower than the average listing price of the community (16,916 yuan /㎡).The housing time machine shows a smaller decline, but less than a week after it was first listed.Although the above three houses are supported by the school district and the business district, the transaction speed is not ideal, so the landlord can only choose to sell at a lower price.Ii The price increases 110,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan……Taizhou this batch of second-hand housing prices are lower than the average listing price!While many landlords are selling houses at reduced prices, causing sighs, a group of landlords are selling houses at higher prices, but is it really “rising”?In this price increase of 8 houses, the biggest increase is also located in the south of the city country Garden · Huyue Tianjing, apartment area of about 143 square meters, four bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms, low floors (28 floors in total), rough state.And from the point of the houses listed time, listed in October 14 last year, for the first time the listing price was $2.15 million, then 60000, now under the market rebound, the landlord directly rose by 110000, now 2.2 million, equivalent to the unit price 15324 yuan / ㎡, however, although the rise, but compared with community on average price (15931 yuan / ㎡),It’s still a lot lower.In addition, a set of house located in the second phase of China Resources International Community in the south of the city, with an area of 89 square meters, two rooms, one hall, one bathroom, high-rise products, blank state, the current total price of 1.3 million, equivalent to the unit price of 14,607 yuan/square meters, lower than the average listing price of 16,632 yuan/square meters.According to the housing time machine, during the first listing period to February 12, the price of this house has been reduced from 1.4 million to 1.29 million, and the price has only risen by 10,000 until today, but it is still lower than the average listing price of the community.The other, Jingguang Community, was listed for the first time at the end of November at 468,000 yuan, but the price has been lowered several times during the listing period and is still 28,000 yuan lower than the 10,000 yuan increase.And this house area of about 58 square meters, two rooms one hall one bathroom, in the floor (a total of 5 floors), fine decoration.Three more than 4000 housing inventory now buy the most important selective selection!Throughout taizhou second-hand housing market, the second-hand housing inventory in Zhuge Zhaofang alone has reached 4195 effective housing sources, and in addition to the existing massive inventory, the daily inventory is increasing.As for the current second-hand housing market, I also consulted the intermediary, and learned that thanks to the acceleration of bank lending, the second-hand housing market has picked up somewhat compared with the previous year, and whether the price rises or falls depends on the market response.In addition, the main reason most landlords frequently adjust their listing prices is that they want to test the market’s reaction at a high price;If the price is high and nobody wants it, lower the listing price tentatively.Otherwise, prices rise.Now, under the influence of relevant regulation and control policies, we have made it clear that we will keep land prices, housing prices and expectations stable, and the market will return to rationality, which is undoubtedly good news for house buyers.So the recent plan to buy a house, do not have to be intermediary very impatient.Taizhou secondary housing market capacity is sufficient, a lot of comparison and then pick a suitable than what is important.But if you want to sell the house, you need to put a rational listing price.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn