‘Watergate Bridge’ hits $2.4 billion box officeIt’s definitely worth the ticket price for the Spring Festival

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Of all the Spring Festival movies, Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake is the most worthy of ticket price this Spring Festival. Whether it is the cast, the battle scenes, or the script’s historical and emotional control, it is well worth the ticket price.The box office of the film reached 2.4 billion yuan in just six days after its release. Audience feedback has already proved the value of the film.At the beginning of the first “Changjin Lake”, there are tender scenes of jiangnan water village, and comrades laughing and playing before officially going to the battlefield. At the beginning of the second “Watergate Bridge”, the seventh Company has received the next task — blowing up the Watergate Bridge and blocking the us army’s retreat route before withdrawing from the last battlefield.The pace of the fast, the scene of intense, let the audience almost no chance to breathe!The seventh company is still on the way to the Watergate Bridge, it has been a wave of enemy patrol aircraft bombing, snow stream has been out of a gorgeous white flowers, showing the shape of white fireworks.War scenes are expensive to film, especially in Watergate Bridge, where the bombing is so intensive that all the injuries and sacrifices are caught off guard.The sacrifice of each soldier was heroic, and the completion of each mission was breathtaking. However, it is thanks to the efforts of each actor in the film that the details of the war against the United States and Korea were dramatized.”Watergate Bridge” continued “Changjin Lake” lineup, but this time the director is mainly Tsui Hark, he directed 90% of the scenes, and director Chen Kaige and Lam Chao-hsien is the executive producer, starring Wu Jing, Yi Yangqianxi, Duan Yihong, Zhu Yawen, Li Chen, Han Dongjun, Du Chun, Geng Le are also clanged tough guy.In the shooting scene, the actors are really like the war scenes, to run in the gunfire, but also always avoid the explosion point to prevent injury, the “smoky makeup” on the face is not the masterpiece of makeup artists, but after the shooting “natural imitation”.”Warm blood” is the first key word in “The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake”, while “moving” is the second key word.Out of the cinema, almost all the audience’s eyes were red and swollen, and the second half of the film almost made people cry until they could not stop!The war against the United States and aid Korea is another myth in the world war history after the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. Watergate Bridge highlights the difficulties of this battle by using comparative montage to foil the heroic sacrifices of the soldiers. On the other hand, it pushes the emotion to a climax through the matting of comradeship.On one side, we nibbled hard potatoes, too cold to pick up our guns, stuck our fingers in our mouths to protect ourselves from frostbite when our gloves were torn.The Americans, on the other hand, were eating meat, drinking coffee and listening to music on base.On this side, our men defend themselves with muskets, ammunition and cannons captured from the American battlefield in very limited quantities;On the other side, American tanks rolled past the bodies of our soldiers, mud mixed with flesh.See here, the audience can not help but gnash teeth, recall the textbooks saw qiu Shaoyun, Huang Jiguang heroic deeds.The movie also highlights the friendship between comrades-in-arms and brothers.”Changjin Lake” series of films designed the image of three brothers, eldest brother Wubaili has been sacrificed, and Wu Qianli (Wu Jing) has now become seven long, younger brother Wu Wanli (Yi Yangqianxi ornaments) also became a volunteer soldier.After a battle in Changjin Lake, Wu Wanli understood the meaning of the war, and gradually grew up to be a mature soldier.When the flat river (Han Dongjun ornaments) to Wu Wanli confess, when five hundred li is to cover his sacrifice, Wu Wanli said: “Hundred li is my brother, you are my brother, seven even all the soldiers are my brother…”The comradeship has gone beyond family ties because they share the same goals and beliefs.To protect younger brother, in the final key battle, Five thousand li lets five hundred li be responsible for blowing the job of whistle, confuse the enemy with whistle, and seven even the soldier that remain everyone bears arduous task, need to die together with the enemy even.At the end of the war, each battalion counts the number of people, Wu Wanli on behalf of seven companies report, the last sentence, let the audience directly break defense, the audience tears.Chinese New Year is supposed to be a time of celebration and excitement, but the release of Watergate Bridge is also meaningful.Celebrating the Spring Festival is a tradition of the Chinese nation. It is also a tradition of the Chinese nation to remember history and commemorate heroes. It is more meaningful to lead the elderly and children in the family to walk into the cinema to experience the education of the red theme.In this sense, Watergate Bridge is worth the price of admission in terms of visual stimulation, realistic battle scenes, the strength of the cast and educational significance of The Times.