Wizards hit a wall again?NBA today: Bucks vs. Wizards

2022-05-05 0 By

The Bucks have had an easy schedule, playing just three games in the past eight days, winning their fifth straight home game by 28 points without Middleton and averaging 126 points in those five games.Lopez has also played well in his return to the starting lineup, and with his presence in the paint, the Bucks have improved their defensive efficiency.Wizard’s performance is still very bad, even though they had a shock win against the lakers, but in the past two weeks, they would only win this game, in addition, in with the in game 7, they all failed, to play in the face of the west bottom rocket their disadvantage defeat by 18 points, even in the last two away games,The Wizards are averaging 97 points per game.Data of the deer is very high, their strength is far stronger than the wizards, and the loose defensive team in the face of the wizards, bucks using counter could easily play advantage, the all-star break, the bucks in the line-up incomplete cases are easy victory over the Washington 14 points, so the game is in the home side direction data sincerity under the condition of enough,I think the bucks are still a good bet.Viewpoint: Bucks