7 questions to understand the self-test for COVID-19 antigen

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On 11 March, the National Health Commission issued the Novel Coronavirus Antigen Detection Application Protocol (Trial).On March 12, the State Food and Drug Administration approved the marketing of five self-testing products for COVID-19 antigen.Antigen detection is beneficial to early triage and rapid management of suspected population.Who can test themselves?Can self-test results replace nucleic acid results?Where can you buy self test reagent?Source: CCTV News Editor: Right Li Ying Zheng Tong this issue second Instance: Wei Haoran Peng Yuanqing Editor final Instance: Guo Lianjun Qianxinan Daily New Media Center Produced by Weibo: @China Qianxinan wechat/yixin: China Qianxinan APP: North latitude 25° Qianxinan digital newspaper: http://www.qxnrb.com official website:http://www.zgqxn.com email: zgqxnw@163.com Statement all original content published by “China Qianxinan wechat public account”, copyright reserved, please indicate “source: China Qianxinan wechat public account (wechat signal: ZGQXNW)”.Original title: “7 Questions to Understand COVID-19 Antigen Self-test”