“Central top ten” out, Yueyang on the list

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As local economic operation report released in 2021 normal level city GDP in central China top 10 ranking from yueyang central listed the top 10 common places in provinces including henan, hunan, hubei, anhui four provinces, specific distribution is: henan four: luoyang, nanyang, xuchang, zhoukou hunan 3: yueyang, changde, hengyang hubei 2:Hunan ranks second and occupies three seats, respectively yueyang, Changde and Hengyang. The total GDP of these three cities in 2021 will be 440.298 billion yuan, 405.41 billion yuan and 384.031 billion yuan respectively.Central GDP top 10 prefecture-level city ranking (unit: 100 million yuan, data source: local statistics) Why can the central top 10 prefecture-level city Yueyang in this fierce competition to “out of the circle”?Yueyang, as the “front position” of Hunan’s deep integration into the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt:As one of the eight excellent ports on the Yangtze River, Chenglingji Port has achieved a total container throughput of 762,500 TEU from January to November 2021, ranking first among inland ports in the Yangtze River for many years in a row.Yueyang has gradually formed a multi-modal transportation pattern of water, highway, rail and air, becoming one of the most important “ports” in “seaside” Hunan.At the same time, Yueyang has gathered seven national open platforms of “three zones, one port and three ports”, including Yueyang Area of China (Hunan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Lingang High-tech Zone and comprehensive protection Zone. Yueyang has ranked the top in the prefecture-level business environment evaluation of the province for two consecutive years, and the coverage rate of single window of international trade has reached 100%.Last year, Yueyang achieved a GDP of 440.298 billion yuan, up 8.1 percent year on year, the fastest growth among the top three.Some important single economic indicators are also quite “beautiful” — the total number of market entities in The city ranks second in the province, the number of high-tech industrial parks at the provincial level ranks first in the province, and the total import and export volume and growth rate of the comprehensive protection zone ranks first in the province’s 7 special customs supervision areas.Give our big Yueyang point praise source: Yueyang Evening News all media comprehensive rednet, China Business All rights reserved to the original author, pay tribute to the original